The Manse Clinic mission is to be the go-to, luxury cosmetic clinic and information site for beauty achievers. Genetics are irrelevant to us. We fight every flaw that is necessary, to create that high end, beautiful look, that takes our patients to the life of their dreams.


Patient safety is priority number 1. We take the responsibility for providing advanced medical procedures seriously, given the risks associated. We are a cosmetic clinic, who believes in a high level of open and honest communication at every stage of the patient journey, enabling informed decisions. The Manse is continually working to minimise the risks, with our training, equipment, systems and experience. There is always an experienced doctor onsite for injectable treatments. We are committed to continuing medical education, particularly in the study of minimising complications.


The finest cosmetic outcomes result from the best assessments. High level aesthetic assessments can only be provided by practitioners with many years of advanced training and experience. Each patient is an individual, with unique concerns and goals, and results differ from patient to patient.
At initial consultation at our cosmetic clinic, patients’ individual needs/goals will be discussed. History and risk tolerance will be explored and the patient will be thoroughly examined from an aesthetic and medical viewpoint. a discussion of options will occur, so that the patient can make an informed decision. The practitioner will then provide a bespoke plan.


Your face is in our hands. Thousands of patients have been trusting our doctors and therapists to provide their injectables and laser for over 15 years. To be worthy of this trust, our philosophy is to stay committed to the value of excellence. Training is a lifestyle for those devoted to excellence. We strive for excellence and constant improvement in our care, skills, service, equipment and outcomes. Staff of The Manse Clinic are carefully chosen for their commitment to this value.


The Manse Clinic has chosen the finest team of non-surgical cosmetic doctors in Australia. They are the experts in the fields of injectables and all other aspects of cosmetic medicine. The areas of our clinic’s expertise include:

Meet Our Doctors

Dr Joe Waelchli
Cosmetic Physician

Dr Joe's focus is on evidence-based cosmetic medicine. He loves creating the natural look, combining injectables, energy based devices and home skincare regimens.  His favourite treatments are full face injecting, chin fillers, cheek fillers and  lip fillers, 

Dr Jing Wang
Cosmetic Physician

Dr Jing Wang is a skilled dermal filler trainer who brings the best of Asian and Western injectable and thread techniques together to create beautiful aesthetic outcomes. She  has a special interest in liquid facelifts for maximal beautification,  lip fillers, cheek fillers, Korean threadlifts, nose filler, MINT threads, powder filler, chin filler, jawline slimming , nose threads and forehead fillers 

Dr Toshi Zia
Cosmetic Physician

Dr Toshi Zia is a diligent, cosmetic physician and laser maestro who enjoys creating bespoke treatments using a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), double chin dissolving, laser /IPL skin devices and advanced injectable techniques. His favourite treatment is lip fillers

Dr Stephen Crimston
Medical Director

The Manse Medical Director, Dr Stephen Crimston, is an experienced cosmetic doctor who is committed to precision injecting and excellence in outcomes and patient satisfaction and safety. Dr Steve is one of Sydney's leading penis enlargement injectors.

Dr Naomi McCullum

Dr Naomi is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic medicine. She and her patients are regularly in the press including Daily Mail , ViceSunday Telegraph and Mamamia. Her Instagram account is the most followed cosmetic account in Australia, please follow @drnaomi1  and @themanseclinic

Dr Elsa Delport
Cosmetic Physician

Dr Elsa Delport is an experienced cosmetic physician with expertise in dermal fillers, wrinkle injections and lasers. Her talents include performing non-surgical rhinoplasty, lip fillers, vaginal rejuvenation and the O-boost for sexual dysfunction.

The Manse Team
Injectable and Skin Clinic

We're here here to make your beauty dreams come true, using our expertise in face design, lip fillers, dermal fillers, wrinkle injectionsskin lasers and threadlifts. We welcome a range of patients, from those who the most minimal and natural change, to those who want a whole new face.

Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Jawline and Chin Filler for a Male Patient: Case Study


WE treated a 20 something male patient with multiple mls of dermal filler to enhance and masculinize his chin and jawline. This patient had an underdeveloped lower third of

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Botched Tear Trough Filler Corrrection


Here is a case of a patient who presented to our Sydney clinic. She had been treated by another clinic 4 months ago. She had botched tear trough filler. There was lumpiness,

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Anti-Ageing Lip Fillers


Here is a case of a 40-something patient who wanted lip fillers to improve her age appearance. She wanted a natural result with her lips having less smokers lines, and

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Lip Swelling after Dermal Fillers


I’m going to share with you the progress of swelling after lip fillers to help give you an idea of what is typical. A lot of patients freak out because they think that

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Front cheek filler / tear trough filler


Front cheek filler is a very important treatment for beautification and also for antiageing purposes. The lid cheek junction is one of the most important areas on the face

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How to Find the Best Cosmetic Injector / Clinic


Guide to finding the best injector Before you get your dermal filler or anti wrinkle injections, do as much research as you can. Here’s a  guide to help you choose the

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Latest Video

Skin Improvement

Improving Neck Skin: Case Study


Working on neck skin can be very challenging, the skin is finer, and at higher risk than the face with complications with energy based devices. At The Manse, we use many

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Melasma 2020


MELASMA Melasma is a common skin pigmentation disorder. Here we are sharing the latest information from 2020 about it. What is Melasma?    Melasma manifests as

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