Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Dermal filler rhinoplasties are very popular at our Sydney Clinic. Our doctors perform nose bridge lifting, nose tip lifting and straightening. Kasey didn’t like the

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Penis Enlargement FAQs


Our Sydney clinic is now offering the Masculane procedure, which is a non-surgical treatment for penis enlargement, using dermal filler. I am interviewing The Manse Clinic

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Dr Naomi Doll, Jaz, on First Dates Australia


Lots of love to Jaz, our beautiful doll appearing on First Dates, Australia! We want to see you on TV more, please! Jaz on TV

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Lip Fillers for Kasey Rayton MUA YouTuber Sept 2017


Thanks Kasey, for trusting your face to us. I must write a blog post about your face soon!!! Your transformation is incredible! I love the work we have done on your cheeks,

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Professional Babe, Blogger August 2017


Thank you, Professional Babe, AKA Peta Serras, for trusting The Manse Clinic with your beautiful face. We can’t wait to start on your whole face plan!! Follow Peta on

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Lip fillers for DJ Amy-Jane Brand Aug 2017


Loving our latest lips that we created for DJ and Instagrammer, Amy-Jane Brand, before she left to pursue her career in USA! Thankyou for trusting us with your face, Amy.

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Skin Improvement

Dr Naomi Interviewed by Vice


Ok my work life is now complete! From when they started, I have been a total fangirl for the Vice brand. What an honour 🙂 For me, there would be no greater media

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Pelleve Skin Tightening FAQs


Skin tightening using radiofrequency is now being offered at our Sydney clinic. We use the Pelleve device. It is an effective treatment to smooth and tighten the skin with

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