Fat dissolving Injections for the Body

Fat Dissolving Injections for the Body

Fat dissolving injections for the body are a less invasive way to permanently reduce fat pockets without an excessive amount of downtime and risks of a surgical procedure. This non-surgical procedure is recommended for individuals with small to moderate fat tissue.
It often requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. At the Manse clinic, the main areas of the body that we
have treated with fat dissolving are the arms, the lower abdomen and the thighs.

How it works

Fat dissolving injections are a made of a natural compound which take effect through injection directly into
the desired area.
The treatment works by breaking down fat tissue, which once targeted is flushed out naturally by the body through the lymphatic system.
The reduction in fat cells to the treated area is permanent and often individuals will begin to see results after 6-8 weeks.
2-4 sessions are often recommended to achieve the desired outcome, but every individual’s journey may differ slightly.


The right candidate is key to ensuring optimal results are achieved. Your journey will begin with a consultation with a practitioner who will discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your area of concern and recommend if the treatment is suitable. As mentioned, the ideal candidate will have a small to moderate amount of adipose tissue and adequate skin elasticity.
An individual who has a greater amount of adipose tissue may not want to have fat dissolving treatments due to requiring too many treatment. They might prefer to go with a more efficient  result from surgical intervention ie liposuction .
A Pinch test can often be used to assess the amount of fat tissue present. Individuals with poor skin elasticity may also benefit from surgical intervention or may require skin tightening procedures to assist in the outcome of loose skin tissue.

What to expect post treatment

Like with any injectable treatment, we can expect to see some redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness immediately post treatment.
Swelling can often be slightly prolonged with this treatment in particular, and may make it appear as if the individual has gained weight. The swelling will subside on its own, and the results usually begin to be seen at 6-8 weeks post treatment. Some individuals may experience an altered sensation or numbness to the area injected, this sensation is often temporary and will subside on its own with nil interventions.
Massage is not recommended following treatment as it could cause a shift in the product. A follow-up appointment is recommended at 8 weeks to assess the results.

What areas can be treated

Fat dissolving injections can be used both to the double chin and areas of the body. The main difference is when treating the body more vials may be required and results often take longer to show given the amount of fat and the surface area of the fat is a lot greater.
Swelling may also be slightly more significant when compared to injections treating the chin.
The most common areas of the body we treat would be the arms/underarm region, lower abdomen and thighs. These areas will usually require multiple injections in 2-4 sessions.


As the breakdown of fat tissue is permanent, maintenance sessions are often not required once the desired outcome has been achieved. Diet and lifestyle factors can affect the longevity of the results, as although the fat tissue to that particular area has been permanently reduced, fat cells can expand in local areas.
Fat dissolving injections or recommended for areas of stubborn fat, not as a weight loss measure,

Risks with Fat Dissolving

  • Swelling, can be severe
  • Bruising, can be prolonged on the lower limbs in particular
  • Excessive results, causing irregularity in areas (ie depressions where too much fat has dissolved
  • Necrosis in the overlying skin
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage

Other options for fat removal

Liposuction is the main surgical option for fat removal. We recommend going to a surgeon for this treatment. We do not offer this procedure at our clinic

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