Best Treatment for a “Snatched” Jawline

Best treatment option for a snatched jawline

Jawline treatments
Jawline treatments

We have seen an increasing interest in jawline treatments for the feminine face. There are a large variety of treatment options for the jawline but not all are suitable for everyone.

People often assume a jawline enhancement with filler is the solution, but jawline filler is not always the answer to creating definition. As clinicians, we often have to find what’s causing the lack of definition to the jawline to put together an appropriate treatment plan to deliver optimal results.

Anti wrinkle for jawline

Oftentimes we see individual’s wanting jawline filler but have a wider lower face, which adding more volume can further widen. With these individuals anti wrinkle injections can be used to assist in slimming the lower face. We can also use anti wrinkle to improve the neck angle by treating muscles in the lower face, specifically the DAO, mentalis and platysma bands.

With age these muscles strengthen and cause a downward pull on the lower face. By relaxing these muscles, we see a shift from a downward pull to a neutral or even lifted state. Although this is not an enhancement to the jawline, it will assist in a more youthful and improved neckline in individuals who have this sort of muscle activity.

Fat dissolving for jawline

Fat dissolving injections are a great option for those individuals who are not suitable for filler due to having a fuller lower face. Fat dissolving injections work by breaking down fat cells which are then flushed out naturally by the body through the lymphatic system. Results are often seen six to eight weeks after treatment, and usually  requires more than one treatment to achieve the desired results. Treating the excess tissue on the lower face can further reveal the underlying structure of the jawline and give a more structured appearance without enhancing the area.

Depending on the structure of the jawline which underlies the fat that is removed, filler may sometimes be needed to enhance the jawline and create a more defined appearance post fat dissolving.

Filler for the Jawline

Filler can be used to enhance the structure of the jawline through volumizing and enhancing key features to create more definition. By targeting the angle of the jawline and projecting the chin, a more chiseled appearance can be achieved.

The amount of filler required for this area can vary depending on the needs of the individual, and results can last up to 24 months at times. The key element to note is that ideally the filler  treatment should be performed only if appropriate. In those where there is excess fat tissue submentally, it is easier to see if it is appropriate once the excess fat  tissue has been treated first, as this can be detrimental to the result of the filler.

The ideal individual for this treatment would be someone wanting more definition, has minimal excess tissue and has good skin quality to hold the product well.

RF Skin Tightening

RF may be used to tighten the neck skin for an improvement in the neck angle and jawline

This is a non-invasive treatment where the energy based device which glides on the neck and feels warm. There is no pain with this treatment. Multiple treatments will be necessary.

RF Microneedling

This is a combination of RF heat energy and needling,, which can help improve the skin of the neck. Typically 3-6 treatments should be performed and then every 6-12 months for maintenance

Fractional Ablative Laser

This is a great option for the neck. This resurfacing laser ablates columns of the skin in a fractionated way.

There is collagen stimulation and skin smoothing.

There may be some downtime with this treatment

At Home Skin Device

We recommend a neck and chest LED device for at-home device treatment of your neck skin.

BDE by Dr Naomi Skin is the ideal device for improving the neck area.

Skincare for the Neck

As skincare experts say, “The Face ends at the nipples”. We recommend active cosmeceutical skincare for the neck.

In addition, we also recommend Neck and Dec Treatment creams like “Hit The Dec”, which is formulated with neck and decolletage improvement as its aim.


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