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Cellulite Treatments at our Sydney Clinics

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The Manse offers biostimulator injections, subcision, threads and RF for cellulite
Cellulite is the bane of many people’s existence and a slight bother for some; depending on the severity and body areas affected, this can be improved with several cellulite treatments.
The appearance of cellulite can be from a rippling to a dimpled or “hail damaged”  look to the skin, with larger and voluminous body areas being the most noticeable. The most troublesome areas are the buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms and abdomen
Even though babies can have a cellulite dimpling in the youngest of skin, it often doesn’t appear until later.

Cellulite Causes

Some examples of common reasons for cellulite appearing in areas that previously were smooth and ripple-free include:
– Diet
– Hydration
– Injury or trauma
– Tight muscles or fascia
– Skin quality
– Weight loss or weight gain, elasticity changes
– Hormonal changes

What is cellulite?

Ok, so it’s there, but what is cellulite exactly?
Cellulite is a disruption of the skin’s sublayers, where fascia and connective tissue become bound.
The tissue then adheres to and pulls down to underlying muscles, creating small fat and fluid pockets to pin down and clump together in tight, random dips in the skin.
This causes the skin surface to look like a chunky, lumpy bubble wrap or dimples and ripples.
Please help me for the love of smooth skin ☹

What can we do to treat cellulite?

Welcome to The Manse! Many minimally invasive treatments are available in the clinic, which can be used independently or
combined to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Combination treatments provide better aesthetic outcomes and long-term results – as every person’s skin is different; more often than not, bespoke plans are needed to get the best skin results.
Improving the skin quality and restoring its underlying structure will help reduce skin dimples and smoooooooth and peachy.

TOP 6 Cellulite treatments for body areas


When using injectables for cellulite, the skin should also be subcised to break the cellulite bands. This procedure can also be done on its own without product injected, but results where both techniques are used together enables a superior result

Biostimulator powder injections

Biostimulator injections (also known as the powder filler) make the skin repair itself! By breaking apart the bound skin pockets using specific needle/cannula techniques, the stimulating product is injected directly into the trouble area.
the product promoting healthy collagen production, correcting the dimples and ripples. The effects after a treatment programme can last up to 2 years, potentially up to 5 if combined with support treatments.
Treatments to body areas require multiple vials and treatments to cover the area effectively.
This option is terrific for large cellulite areas like the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs.

PDO Mono Threads

Threads for cellulite
Threads for cellulite

Biostimulation needles (Polydioxanone or PDO Mono Threads) are inserted to create a grid-like restoration mesh or net to support the affected pockets of skin and rebuild them right where they are needed. In some cases, a single needle goes right into the middle of the dimple.

This treatment works as attached to the needles is a unique dissolvable stitch called PDO Mono threads. This optionis excellent for all body areas, as it’s a set-and-forget procedure; in terms of management, it is perfect for knees, ankles, breasts/chests, backs and muffin tops.

This option can result in over 18 months of ripple freeness from just one or two sessions. However, following clinical assessment, the treating practitioner may advise more treatments.

Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving injections can break down the problem. The acid is naturally found in the body and helps absorb fat in food. With injections to the trouble areas, this option can help reduce the size of the affected skin progressively and with excellent long-term benefits to eliminate fatpockets creating the cellulite altogether.
This option can be permanent; however, repeat treatments may be required to eliminate all the fat
particles after reducing the bulk.
Small areas respond best to this treatment, such as dimpled under the chin, rippled folds under the
arms (third boob bubble) and bottom folds (banana rolls).

Biostimulation liquid injections

Biostimulation liquid injections (also known as the white filler) is a preparation used for cellulite treatment that is injected in a very similar process to our powder filler on this list and does not require massaging or moulding into the area after treatment. The liquid stimulant is made of calcium-based microspheres that stimulate natural collagen production.
The body rebuilds its volume over time. This is best for tightening and forming those rippled larger areas as the backs of the arms, abdomen or upper thighs.
Repeated treatments are best with this option. The results of a programme of treatments can be seen for approximately 2 years. Multiple syringes are required for large surface areas each session.

Radiofrequency Microneedling with LED therapy

Radiofrequency Microneedling with LED therapy (RF Microneedling), the ultimate smoothing and tightening treatment, can realign the skin structure with heat. Using advanced radio frequency and penetrating the skin surface causes a cascade of collagen production. This, in specific areas, can improve the appearance of the skin when a treatment programme is followed.
RF Microneedling is not only for the face. It is fantastic over body areas, too.
With many large body areas commonly having stretch marks, RF needling is commonly used totackle both cellulite and stretch marks.
Results are best seen after a treatment programme and seasonal maintenance.


RF is used for cellulite treatments. There are multiple brands available that use radiofrequency in an energy device. At our Sydney Clinic, we use Pelleve and Tempsure as our RF devices. The radiofrequency uses energy to stimulate collagen and is used directly at the site of the cellulite,

It is suitable for upper and lower limbs and also for the abdomen.

This procedure is warm, painfree and for some, relaxing. Multiple treatments are required

RF for cellulite treatment
RF for cellulite

The Verdict

Where all the top 5 treatments are excellent as single treatment programmes, combining subcision, biostimulants
with RF needling is our Sydney Clinic’s favourite for longer-lasting and better quality skin.