Lip Fillers

Lip filler sydney
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Lip enhancement using fillers is one of the most popular treatments at our Sydney cosmetic clinic. People of all ages find full, sensuous lips attractive, and social media has increased the demand for lip augmentation. Our cosmetic doctors and beauty therapists can shape and augment lips to complement your look—whether you want subtle or dramatic results.

Can You Benefit From Lip Fillers?

Not everyone is born with amazing lips. And even those who are likely will see their lips start to thin with age. Lip fillers injected by experienced providers can provide a range of benefits for patients who want to improve the appearance of their lips.

Injections of lip fillers can:

  • Augment lip size: Patients with naturally small lips come to The Manse for lip enhancement.
  • Improve proportions: Often patients have an upper lip which is much smaller than the lower. The “golden ratio” for lips is considered 1:1.618, so the upper should be smaller than the lower, but often the ratio will not be close to this.
  • Create a beautiful lip border: The lip border loses definition and gets wrinkly as we age. Dermal fillers can really make a lip border appear younger and more attractive.
  • Enhance the projection of lips: When examining the lips, the profile must be checked, and it should be determined if the projection of the upper or lower lips could be improved with lip injections.
  • Improve “Cupid’s Bow”: A well-defined cupid’s bow—the double curves on the upper lip—is one of the most common reasons people get lip fillers.
  • Shape the lips: As we age, several things change with our lips, including the collapse at the lip corners, this leads to a less appealing shape. This can be improved with dermal filler. Also, for some patients, the area where the lips meet in the body of the upper and lower lip can be uneven. It can be smoothed out with dermal fillers.

In addition, our injectors use lip fillers to create a more well-defined groove under the nose, a feature called the philtrum, and also to help the skin of the lips look more youthful.

lip fillers sydney
Lip fillers
Lip anatomy
Lip anatomy for fillers
Before and after Russian Lips' or "Flat Lips"
Before and after Russian Lips’ or “Flat Lips”
Before and immediately after lip fillers
Before and immediately after lip fillers Sydney
Dr Naomi injecting lips
Dr Naomi injecting lips

How Is Lip Enhancement Performed?

Alcohol will be used to clean the face. A dental block may be injected into the gums prior to treatment. (You may also apply a numbing cream 45 minutes before the treatment.) Ice will be applied to the area briefly before treatment. Your doctor will inject using a very fine needle. Pressure with gauze may then be applied. If a cannula is used, a small injection of a local anaesthetic may be injected into the skin and then a fine needle makes a small hole in the skin where the cannula is inserted.

How Much Filler Is Needed for Lip Augmentation?

Our cosmetic doctors assess your face to choose the dose for lip injections that will produce your desired results. Both your budget and cosmetic goals can influence the dose used. Patients who want to minimize the cost of the procedure or who want more subtle results will only need small doses. We typically inject fillers 1 ml at a time and then follow up with monthly injections until you are satisfied with the size of your lips.

After Lip Fillers

Before and after filler for small lips
Before and after filler for small lips

Is There Downtime With Lip Fillers?

Some redness and swelling are expected after lip filler injections, with the upper lip usually swelling much more than the lower lip. The swelling usually lasts for 48 hours so patients often avoid scheduling any social events during that time.  Other instructions for care after your treatment include:

  • No makeup for 4 hours
  • No strenuous exercise that day
  • Lay off the acid face products for 24 hours
  • No spas, no sauna, and no hot yoga for 1 week after the treatment

We encourage patients to contact The Manse if they have any concerns or questions following their procedures.

What Is the Cost of Lip Fillers?

We price lip fillers per syringe at our Sydney cosmetic clinic. That means the total cost depends on the dose needed to produce the results you want. A typical lip augmentation treatment costs between $750 and $800. Go to our pricing page to see the current cost of dermal fillers.

Lip fillers by The Manse
Lip fillers by The Manse

Get in Touch

Our Paddington cosmetic clinic serves patients from the Eastern Suburbs to Bondi and throughout the Greater Sydney area. You can book online, or call us at (02) 9331 5005 to schedule your appointment.

Before and after subtle filler for lips
Before and after subtle filler for lips
Before and after dermal filler lips natural result
Before and after dermal filler lips natural result
Before and after injectables for lips
Dermal filler before and after a half ml in lips
Before and after dermal filler for small upper lip
Before and after dermal filler for small upper lip
Dermal filler treatment for ageing lips
Dermal filler treatment for ageing lips and chin
lip augmentation
Before and after lip augmentation
Lip iaugmentation different proportions
1. Before dermal filler 2. After 1ml with larger proportion upper lip “pornstar”! 3. After another 1ml with a proportion change to 50:50 upper lip to lower lip “elegant”
Gradually growing thin lips with dermal filler
Gradually growing thin lips with dermal filler
Lip fillers sydney
Before and after: Lip augmentation and other injectables can make such a difference to a face
Lip fillers before and after
Lip fillers before and after
After lip fillers sydney
After lip fillers Sydney Manse Clinic
beautiful lip fillers

If you are interested in seeing our doctors for lip fillers, please book online.

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