What Happens in a Cheek Filler Procedure

What is the process of cheek filler treatment at our Sydney clinic
What is the process of cheek filler treatment at our Sydney clinic

What is cheek filler?


Cheek filler is a very common procedure that is done by a trained cosmetic injector. This is a non-surgical way to create volume and contour to the cheeks, giving a youthful appearance and can provide a lifted appearance to the face. Although a common procedure, it is important you see an experienced and trained cosmetic medical professional to deliver the treatment. We will walk you through the procedure from start to finish, including the importance of tailoring the treatment, gaining consent, scripting and the injection process. 


The Consultation Process


This is done prior to the procedure, a thorough consultation with your cosmetic injector is the first step to achieving the results you are looking for. This time allows you and the practitioner to come up with a plan that’s individualised and tailored to your natural features to ensure harmonisation and a balanced appearance to your face.  


You will get to in this consultation:

-Discuss your goals and concerns 

-Discuss all medical history 

-Discuss your previous injectables history 

-Understand your facial anatomy and understand the injectors choices in regards to the most appropriate approach and technique.

-Understand the procedure, the potential expected and unexpected risks and how many sessions you will need.

-Understand the cost of the procedure 


The Process of Gaining Consent


This is a step that will always be done in depth due to every cosmetic procedure coming with common and uncommon risks and side effects. Although some treatments can be very quick it is important to not undermine the fact that it is a medical procedure.The strict guidelines in Australia are there to ensure safety for the patient and the medical professional.


Consent forms include:

  • Relevant information about the procedure, the purpose and expect results
  • Potential risks and complications that come along with dermal fillers. 
  • An area to sign to say that you understand the potential outcomes of the procedure and consent to the procedure


The Scripting Process


Once you have a clear understanding of the plan, if you are under the care of a Registered Nurse they will then script with a Doctor who has had the appropriate training. This will involve a detailed plan of product, area and amounts to achieve the result. 

The Injection Process



Before any injections have been commenced, your full face will be cleansed and disinfected. This can be a 2-3 step process. It is important for our patient to come with a fresh face, meaning makeup not applied or removed prior to the important and no excessive amounts of products on the areas. In some instances the injector may choose to give you pain relief for some of the more sensitive areas like the lips. Most common is topical numbing agents as these are the least invasive with good efficacy. 



This process itself is provided by a highly skilled medical professional. In Australia this means Registered Nurses and Doctors who have undergone the appropriate training in the procedure. Other medical professionals who might provide this could be Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons.


The steps involved are:

-Some professionals will mark the area on the patient’s cheek to give a visual guide. Some but not all advanced injectors may not do this and use their aesthetic eye only. This is dependent on what the Cosmetic Injector is comfortable with. 

-Administration of the filler, this is usually done with needles that are very fine and small to help with depositing small amounts of filler. The Cosmetic Injector will use their knowledge on safety to control depth, amount and appropriate distribution of the filler, to achieve the best results. 

-Throughout the procedure the injector will assess the progress, make changes and sometimes lightly massage the filler to help with distribution and prevent lumps or irregularities. 


The Aftercare and Recovery


After every procedure where we break the skin there will be aftercare needed and recovery. 


  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • No Makeup for at least 4 hours 
  • Avoid touching the areas where the skin was broken
  • Minimising sun exposure 
  • No sauna or spa for 1 week post procedure 


The Downtime


Even though you will see an immediate improvement, it takes 2-4 weeks for the filler to settle. Also if there is swelling or bruising this could last however long is natural for your body to recover (usually last a couple of day but could be longer)


This is why your follow up is offered at the 4 week mark and not any earlier. We can assess and recommend what is needed at the next stage. To avoid overfilling the area the staged approach is recommended, once you are at your desired result we can maintain it by reviewing the area approximately every 6 months.