Muscle Relaxing Injections for the Body

Trap bicep tricep and deltoid slimming
Trap bicep tricep and deltoid slimming

Muscle relaxing injections for the body

Muscle relaxing injections for the body are common procedures. They work the same way as the injections you have in your face to relax the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your frown, forehead and smile lines. Some areas of the body can naturally be bulkier than others due to genetics or over use and/or they may cause you discomfort and pain. By placing injections in the desired area it temporarily relaxes the muscle causing it to relax, this is because the muscle won’t be as active and just like if you stop working on your biceps at the gym, the muscle will shrink decreasing its size.


Treating neck bands is a very effective way to address ageing, dominant and/or asymmetric platysma bands, minor jowling and a weak neck angle that needs some lifting and contouring. The treatment is called Nefertiti lift and we inject around 4 muscles: mentalis, depressor angularis oris, depressor labii inferioris and platysma. The strength of your muscles and skin laxity define the dosage and outcome of your treatment.

Trapezius Slimming

Trapezius slimming gives a delicate aesthetic appearance of your neck and décolletage. By shrinking the medial part of this muscle it elongates your neck and gives the apex of your shoulders a straighter angled look. This treatment can also be used for individuals with poor posture and suffer from neck and/or shoulder pain

Calf slimming

Calves (gastrocnemius) slimming – is not as rare as you think, we offer it to individuals that consider their gastrocnemius muscle a hindrance to their leg beauty.

The gastrocnemius muscle is the bulky 2- part superficial muscle of the calf that you see when you stand on your toes. By placing injections in this muscle it softens the bulkiness and therefore slims down making your lower legs smaller and more defined.

Excessive sweating of underarms, hands and feet

Underarms – this treatment isn’t about slimming your under arms (axilla), it is about reducing the production of sweat. There is a condition named hyperhidrosis which means excess sweating. It effects some more than others and can cause a lot of anxiety and embarrassment… by injecting the area superficially it relaxes the sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing sweat which results in little to no sweat production. This treatment last around 9 months and can be used for people that also sweat on the palms of hands and soles of feet!

Excessive sweating hands
Injections for excessive sweating hands

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