Top Collagen Stimulating Treatments

Top Collagen Stimulating Treatments
Top Collagen Stimulating Treatments

Top Collagen Stimulating Treatments

Collagen loss can be caused by multiple factors, including ageing, environmental toxins, sun damage, inflammation, smoking and alcohol consumption and hormonal changes.

We will share below our favourite collagen stimulating products and treatments.

Collagen stimulating treatments are ideal for patients who want great skin and a subtle enhancement. They will not overfill or create an unnatural shape of your features.

Topical Retinoids

Topical Vitamin A products stimulate collagen by increasing cell turnover.

Retinol and Bakuchiol are popular Vitamin A-type ingredients, and can improve fine lines and wrinkles and improve pigmentation, texture and tone.

We recommend Vitamin Amen for those who like a powerful Retinol cream

For those who like oils, we recommend our Tightening Superoil, Lift Off, which contains Bakuchiol.

Topical Vitamin B3

Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3, is a very popular ingredient in skincare. It is great for collagen boosting and improving skin barrier, inflammation and pigmentation. We recommend Let it B serum.


Skinbooster is an injectable moisturiser to hydrate the skin and improve texture and fine lines.


Before and after PRP eyelids
Before and after PRP eyelids

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a popular and “natural” injectable treatment which uses your body’s own cells from your blood for rejuvenation, healthy skin maintenance, and to delay ageing.

PRP treatment promotes rapid tissue regeneration and has been used in dermal aesthetics, sports medicine, and wound healing. Read more about PRP

Vivace RF Microneedling

Vivace RF microneedling combines radiofrequency energy with skin needling and LED. It is excellent for collagen stimulation.

This is our most popular energy based device due to its high performance and low downtime.


Bioremodeller is now our most popular “natural” injectable treatment for the face and neck. It has changed the way injectors treat a face, striking a balance between lift and hydration. Read more about bioremodeller

Bioremodeller face
Bioremodeller face being injected using the classic 5 point BAP technique, where the bioremodeller spreads like “liquid honey” over a radius of 2cm away from the injection point, covering the face skin.

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