Neck Ageing Treatments

As necks age, they have the following main changes:

  •  Pigmentation / sun damage
  •  Redness sun damage
  •  Aging of Skin
  •  Loss of angle of neck due to double chin / neck fat
  •  Platysmal bands
  •  Neck wrinkles
  •  Sagging Skin

So the neck first need to be assessed to work out which changes are most important to treat.

Pigmentation / sun damage

As we age, especially those with lighter skin tones, we get more sun damage on our necks. We get more freckles, solar lentigos and background actinic damage.

These problems are best treated with laser / IPL to improve mainly the colour, but also the texture

These problems should be prevented by sun avoidance and sunscreen. It can be difficult to do this in the Australian climate


This should be treated with vascular laser or IPL at a vascular setting

Neck skin aging

Neck skin goes through the normal process of skin aging, where the skin thins and becomes less elastic. The texture becomes less smooth, with more fine lines and wrinkles. These issues may  be treated with skin boosters, powder filler, PRP or with fractional laser and Pelleve.

Home care with cosmeceuticals is also important for treatment of the neck skin

Loss of angle of neck due to double chin / neck fat

This is very important to treat early, as the younger the patient, the better the skin will retract with removal of neck fat. Please see our neck fat dissolving results.

The procedure of neck liposuction is much more important for most patients than a surgical neck lift

Platysmal Bands

Platysmal Bands becoming more prominent is another sign of ageing in the neck. They become more obvious with ageing of the neck with the loss of tissue in the area

Platysmal bands also shorten with age which can interfere with the angle of the neck.

The treatment for platysmal bands is the “nefertiti lift” which uses a muscle relaxant on the muscles to lengthen and relax them, so that the angle of the neck stays young and acute

Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles really bother some patients. They are very easily and successfully treated with dermal filler. Also the neck lines at the back of the neck are very easy to treat with dermal filler with great results

Sagging Neck Skin

May need a surgical neck lift.

Neck fat dissolving, chin fillers and lip fillers
Neck fat dissolving, chin fillers and lip fillers
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