Hiko Nose Threads

HIKO Nose threadlifting is a non-surgical option to augment the profile of the nose for a thinner and well-defined bridge. 

HIKO comes from the words ‘high’ and ‘ko. Ko means nose in Korea.

What are nose threads made of?

The hiko threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) which is bio-compatible and bio-absorbable. They are temporary threads.

How do they work? What are the effects?

Collagen Effect

Inserting the threads causes inflammation which subsequently develops into immature collagen fibres. During the naturally occurring process of absorption of the PDO thread material by the body, which happens gradually, collagen is stimulated, which helps to maintain and improve results further.

The collagen effect can last 18 months.

Volume effect

Ultra V Hiko nose threads are 3 dimensionally designed and physically add volume to the nose. They act as a scaffold to contour the nose to its desired height and shape.

They exert a lifting effect on the nose immediately for a more defined and ideal shape.

Aesthetic improvements

Hiko provides improvement in the following areas:

  • Creating a higher nose bridge
  • Lifting and lengthening the nose top
  • Sharpening the nostrils

Hiko Threads vs Nose Filler

Hiko threads may be used instead of or in addition to nose filler.

Threads do not spread and cause an “Avatar” nose like filler can

Threads do not have the blindness risk, which nose filler does.

Threads create a much more well defined and narrow-looking nose bridge and tip than filler.

Threads are able to lift the nose bridge, but not as high as filler.

How long does Hiko Nose last?

The implant effect lasts about 9-12 months before fully absorbed by the human body. The collagen stimulation effect lasts up to 18 months.

Unlike filler, which can look worse with time, threads instead look better as the threads dissolve after 6-12 months.  The neocollagenesis it triggers lays down the structure that causes the lifting and well-defined bridge.

Before and after Hiko nose threads
Before and after Hiko nose threads at The Manse Clinic, Sydney

Hiko Threads for Male

Hiko is great for males who want a higher bridge and more projected nose overall. It achieves a subtle and natural looking result.

Please see our example below

Before and after hiko threads male
Before and after hiko threads male
Hiko threads male before and after
Hiko threads male before and after
Hiko nose thread before and after
Hiko nose thread before and after

Cost of Nose threads

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