Pain Relief For Injections

happy gas pain relief for injections
Happy gas pain relief for injectables

Dermal filler injections are not very painful and the majority of patients are happy with ice as a pain prevention method. Most dermal fillers have local aneasthetic in them, which has made them much less painful than they were in the past. For those patients who are more pain sensitive, or needle phobic, we have the following options:

The general options for pain relief for dermal filler injections are:

* Ice

Ice is commonly used with dermal fillers, it helps the pain, and as importantly, it reduces the likelihood of bruising

* Topical anaesthetic (eg EMLA / LMX etc ):

These are creams /ointments which are applied to the skin. They work best if applied for 45 minutes with clingwrap placed over the anaesthetic on the skin.

* Local Anaesthetic injections:

Lignocaine / Xylocaine is typically injected as a dental block into the nerves which supply the lips. This may be used for lip augmentation with dermal filler. After the dental block, the patient should feel no pain (or almost no pain) when their lips are being injected

Local anaesthetic can also be used before dermal filler treatment in other areas 

* Happy Gas (Entonox):

Entonox is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which can be inhaled by the patient 2 minutes before and during a procedure, to reduce the pain and anxiety related to a procedure.

* Penthrox

Penthrox is another inhaled substance, which is inhaled prior to and during a procedure, providing pain and anxiety relief.

* With cannula use

When a cannula is used with dermal filler, local anaethetic is injected into a small area of the skin for the entry point of the cannula. The patient will therefore not be able to feel the needle or cannula entering the skin at that site. Injections using a cannula are typically very tolerable with respect to discomfort.

Anxiety Relief during dermal filler procedure

For those patients who are needle phobic, feeling very anxious about the procedure, or are very anxious about the potential pain of a procedure may be given some anti anxiety medication 30 minutes prior to the procedure. If patients are going to use this option, they will not be able to drive home


We have happy gas (nitrous oxide) available for most treatments at The Manse