Should I do Jawline Filler or Fat Dissolving Injection?

Should I do jawline filler or fat dissolving injection?

Before and after jawline fat dissolving
Jawline definition injections

Jawline Filler Vs Fat Dissolving

When patients come to the clinic and state that they are struggle with the option between jawline filler vs fat dissolving injections, the purpose is always to reshape and sculpt the lower face, minimize the pre jowl sulcus, reduce the shadow in the pictures to achieve a clear jawline and look younger or more beautiful and neat. Jawline filler vs fat dissolving is an important choice to make when an injector is performing your face design.
Patients  can go through the questions below, once you finish answering these questions, your injector will know which treatment will suit you better.
1. Do you have volume loss along your jawline?
2. Do you want to hide or reduce your pre jowl area?
3. Do you have lower face shadows that you can see from the pictures and you don’t
4. Do you want to sharpen and strengthen your lower face contour, make your jawline
look straight?
5. Do you want to hide your double chin without touching it ?
6. Do you want to improve the sagging appearance of your lower face?
7. Do you want to see the result immediately?
8. Do you want to correct your lower face asymmetry?
If you answer Yes to any of these above questions, then jawline filler may be the correct choice
1. Do you have heaviness in the lower face?
2. Do you have an evident double chin and want to reduce the thickness of it?
3. Do you want to choose non-surgical method to permanently destroy the fat cell?
4. Do you want to have a slimmer side profile to under chin area and show your neck in
the pictures?
If you answer Yes to any of these above questions, then fat dissolving may be the better
option for you.

Can I do these treatments together?

Patients might ask, if I want to reduce my double chin and have a sharp jawline, can I do these two treatments together, the answer is yes.
The only thing pts need to be aware of is the downtime.
The results of jawline filler always show immediately, you may have redness, swelling or bruising to the jawline area but they are minimal and you can always cover with your make up the next day.
However, after fat dissolving treatment, your double chin will become bigger and wobbly within 1-2 weeks. Also, the results show gradually over several months as the body naturally remove dead cells from the treated area.
We suggest pts come to do face to face consultation so our experienced injectors are able to make a suitable plan for you according to your need and schedule.
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