Rejuran: New Treatment Alert


John and Dr N at the Rejuran launch in Sydney Feb 2024


We are soo excited about the new injectable skinbooster that was launched in Australia this month

We’ve been waiting patiently for it, watching injectors in Asia getting such beautiful results since 2014. The Manse injectors are excited that we finally have it in our toolkit.

Rejuran uses  the latest anti-ageing ingredient, Polynucleotide, sourced from wild salmon DNA fragments. Rejuran is not like other skinboosters, it harnesses the power of bio-active DNA molecules, stimulating skin regeneration and collagen.

Unlike dermal fillers, Rejuran is not used to create volume or fullness. Its active molecules stimulate fibroblasts within the skin, causing an increase in skin thickness and collagen production, increasing skin tightness.

Polynucelotide is a revolutionary skinbooster. It is ideal for improving skin quality. It is sometimes described as a “skin healer”, and is all about making skin more healthy.

What makes skin appear healthy?

Moisturization, elasticity, smoothness and consistent tone are the most important indicators or skin health.

Rejuran polynucleotides sydney
Rejuran polynucleotides sydney

What can Rejuran help improve?

The Eyelid Skin

One of the most popular area for treatment areas for Rejuran is the lower and upper eyelid. There is a particular product, “Rejuran i” , which is used for the perioorbital area.

Dry skin

Polynucleotides stimulate fibroblasts to get to work, producing the effects of a moisturised appearance


Fibroblast stimulation can improve skin thickness and boosts collagen production, improving tightness

Skin Turnover

PN  also  speeding up your skin turnover. Say hello to smoother skin, goodbye to dullness.

Reducing Inflammation

Polynucleotides help reduce inflammation.

In Korea, one of the most common uses for polynucleotides is  for the treatment of Rosacea

Improving the appearance of Pores

Rejuran boosts collagen and reduces sebum production, and improves the appearance of pores.


Enter PDRN, a cousin of PN, which is being used to treat melasma.

Now, PDRN is different from PN however it works along the similar mechanisms and pathways in the skin. It reduces the molecules that stimulate the enzyme that produces melanin in the skin.  Research showed that after multiple injections of PDRN the amount of those molecules were reduced and that helped to improve skin pigmentation.

Unlike with energy based devices, polynucleotides do not carry the risk of PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

Improving Scarring

One of the most popular uses for Rejuran in Korea is for scarring from acne and other injuries.

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