Before and after Cosmelan (Via Mesoestetic)

What is Cosmelan

Cosmelan®, is the world’s leading professional depigmentation method for treating the most severe and stubborn
skin spots.

This proficient depigmenting strategy helps with the removal of skin spots and anticipates their return.
The dual action mechanism of Cosmelan®, which is both corrective and regulatory, works to combat pigmentation
in both the short and long term. In addition to removing visible spots, the treatment controls the overproduction
of pigment to stop the spot from recurring.

The Cosmelan® procedures have undergone efficacy testing that supports their effectiveness in people of various
racial and cultural backgrounds. By keeping hyperpigmentation under control, these ranges are utilised as a
brightening method with a dual action that produces both immediate and long-term results. The most popular
melasma and pigmentation therapy in the world is Cosmelan®.

After wrinkles and sagging, pigmentation is regarded as the third most significant skin issue.


The Cosmelan® process is a topical treatment that lasts roughly six months and combines one salon visit, with the
at-home skincare regime. Both are required to produce the best results.


To decide whether Cosmelan is the best course of action, a complete consultation and skin diagnosis are required.
To go ahead with the Cosmelan treatment, the following treatment schedule must be closely adhered to:

  • Firstly a consultation appointment is to be booked in, where the patient will fill out the Facial Diagnosis
    De-pigmentation consultation form and submit it together with 3D professional camera photographs. The
    fee for the consultation appointment is $350.
  • Patient to submit a 100% deposit to secure Cosmelan treatment.
  • Purchased by the patient four weeks before the Cosmelan therapy, the Mesoestetic Brightening Skin
    Booster is to be used nightly beneath a light moisturiser.
  • Two weeks before receiving Cosmelan, the patient must schedule a Mesoestetic High-tolerance Peel
    session in the clinic.
  • After two weeks have passed since the Mesoestetic High-tolerance Peel, the patient must schedule their
    Cosmelan treatment appointment.


The Cosmelan treatment continues at home. The patient must follow a strict Mesoestetics skincare
regime that is complementary to the Cosmelan in clinic treatment.
During the process, the depigmentation period continues and we work on the source of the problem for a lasting


What is the best time to use cosmelan®?

Cosmelan® can be used at any time of year, however it is recommended to do so during seasons with less severe
or prolonged sun exposure, such as winter and autumn. If you reside in a hot climate or receive treatment in the
summer, you should use extra caution, a high SPF sunscreen, and completely avoid intense sun exposure for
lengthy periods of time.

How long does the treatment last?

The four phases of the Cosmelan® technique must be completed in order to get the desired outcome. Phases 2, 3,
and 4 involve treatment for use at home and intensive depigmentation in phase 1. Depending on the severity of
the condition, the entire length of the treatment can vary, but it usually lasts around 6 months.

How long will it take to see the results? Why should I continue the treatment if the results are already seen before completing it?

A few weeks after using the mask in the clinic, the skin’s texture improves and spots significantly fade, which is the most notable difference. This could mislead the feeling of treatment’s success. Due to the removal of melanin
during this time, the area seems much more faded and the skin is smoother and softer, but the problem’s root
cause has not yet been corrected. The melanocyte – the cell that produces melanin, is still uncontrolled and keeps
making too much of the pigment (melanin). It is crucial to continue a home remedy with regulating activity to re-
educate the melanocyte and limit this overproduction so that the cell returns to a normal active state and, as a
result, prevents spots from reappearing.

What happens if I stop applying the home treatment?

By not adhering to the home regimen, you are interfering with the treatment’s full course and therefore won’t get
the desired benefits. Lack of application of the Cosmelan 2 Depigmenting Cream with regulating action results in
an ongoing, uncontrolled, excessive generation of melanin. As the skin layers are replaced, the spot will resurface
as melanin migrates to the surface, making it more apparent.

Can I combine the Cosmelan method with other depigmentation treatments?

It is not advised to use any other minimally invasive treatment that may result in a skin lesion, such as peels,
microneedling and exfoliators because it may even result in repigmentation. If necessary, it is advised to employ
calming and rejuvenating therapies both at the clinic and at home.

Does the treatment make me unable to fulfil my daily life activities normally?

Cosmelan does not prevent you from carrying out your normal daily activities since it is not an invasive treatment.
Following the clinic treatment, there is a period of skin adaptation during which some activities must be completed
with caution. For example, it is suggested to keep away from activities that cause heavy perspiration; prolonged sun exposure, and swimming pool bathing.

Can the spots return after the end of treatment?

Excessive pigmentation can be erased visibly after an adequate professional treatment. It is a dynamic process,
though, and the imbalance that gives rise to them can also make them recur. In order to prevent repigmentation
throughout the year, it is crucial to use a daily regulatory depigmentation treatment and photoprotection
throughout the year, even if the spots are not visible.

How can I prevent the appearance of spots after the treatment?

A daily treatment regimen is necessary if you are experiencing any of the conditions that can trigger sunspots to
form (such as contraceptives, pregnancy, the summer, post-acne, or being treated for photosensitization).

Does the cosmelan® treatment have side effects?

It is a low risk procedure if taken properly and under expert supervision. Because Cosmelan® is a
topical treatment, it is minimally invasive and does not interfere with your ability to go about your everyday
activities. However there is a chance the skin may itch or get red during the initial stage and after the treatment.
This is completely anticipated and normal, and it will pass in a few days. Small amounts of peeling and sensitivity
are frequent during the home phase, but this will go away when using the home remedies the practitioner

How does cosmelan® act against acne?

Since Cosmelan® is a depigmentation procedure, it is not indicated for the treatment of active acne. However,
acne contains an inflammatory component that can result in the formation of skin spots, known as PIH (Post-
inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). Therefore Cosmelan® is effective on treating acne-related spots in all skin types
and prototypes.

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