How to Treat Accordion Lines

accordion lines
Before and after treatment of accordion lines 

What are accordion lines?

Accordion lines are a common area that we treat here at the Manse. They are those stubborn lines that radiate down the lower cheek, near the sides of the mouth and often worsen with age. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the formation of these lines, being age, sun exposure, lifestyle factors, our skin regime and even weight loss. When looking at the best treatment options for these lines, a holistic approach is used for the most optimal result.

How do We Treat Accordion lines

We need to take a multilevel approach to treatment of accordion lines. We need to work on the skin and the volume and the surrounding areas that have an impact on the accordion lines.

Whenever we identify these accordion lines, those radiating lines next to the mouth which become more prominent with movement, we need to start with the canvas, being the skin.

At Home Skincare

Collagen and elastin are proteins in the skin which are responsible for providing volume and shape, so that even after movement the skin is able to maintain shape, creating a youthful and well supported canvas to the face.
We recommend booking in a skin consultation with our therapists to tailor a skin regime suited to your skin.

We recommend using a high powered cosmeceutical active skincare range like Dr Naomi Skin 

We particularly recommend,  retinol products, Vitamin C, and at home peels 

Sun exposure is another factor which can contribute to the aging process. Sunscreen is essential to our day to day skin regime, the evidence speaks for itself. Applying and reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours is recommended to prevent skin damage, so remember to Slip, Slop, Slap! Wearing hats and other sun protection when outside is also essential for the hot Aussie sun.

At Home Devices

At home LED devices are highly recommend. Make sure you use a device with that has the most researched wavelengths  for anti ageing.

In-Clinic Energy Based Devices

At our Sydney Clinics, our in-clinic skin treatments and skin advice is always tailored to optimizing collagen production to promote a youthful canvas. RF micro needling is an amazing tool that we use to assist in promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Please read more information on RF microneedling. RF and RF microneedling often  requires a minimum of 4-6 sessions to achieve the desired outcomes. Skin care
is another factor which needs to be considered.
Other options for in-clinic treatments include ablative laser resurfacing and fractionated ablative laser resurfacing



When treating these accordion lines we often have to look at filling the lines directly  and also re-volumising the area with an injectable filler. Depending on where the volume loss is occurring, often we may need to look at treating the cheeks and jawline as well as the accordion lines. Often a range of injectable fillers  can be used to optimize the results.
The ferning technique down the lines is a typical approach using filler or skinboosters.


Using a skin booster to support and hydrate the skin directly in the lines and also under the whole surface area of skin around the accordion lines can give an amazing and natural result. For optimal results, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions, one month apart.
A cannula may be used to spread the skinbooster in a blanket under neath the skin.
Skinbooster may also be injected with a needle and the ferning technique is popular for the accordion lines


A Bioremodeller is a slow releasing agent which acts to stimulate and support the production of collagen and elastin. The results of this agent is a hydrated and more youthful complexion, as the product works from beneath to surface. For optimal results, a minimum of 3 sessions, one month apart is required. We will often use these treatment options in combination with conventional and structural fillers to assist in plumping and supporting the skin, to soften and minimize the appearance of accordion lines.

Powder Filler

There is nothing like the skin-glow from a powder filler treatment. The powder filler is used to efficiently revolumise the area and tighten the skin at the same time. A very natural result is created using the patients own collagen being stimulated. 3 sessions are usually required 8 weeks apart, and then maintenance is every 1-2 years


Collagen Stimulating threads are a very popular option for the accordion lines. They are good for those people who do not want any volume added to the area. They may be cross-hatched in placement to achieve the best results


Accordion lines are a very common concern that we see in-clinic, and treatment can achieve an amazing result. A holistic approach to accordion lines is always needed and will leave the skin looking a lot more youthful and hydrated.