Forehead Threadlift

Forehead threadlift
Forehead threadlift

At The Manse Clinic, we perform threadlifting for foreheads. In this case we were using it for antiageing purposes.

We used 2 types of threads here.
1. The regular collagen stimulating threads (pink)
2. Threads for volumising (clear). More of these were used but not photographed.
We chose to do these “volumising” threads over filler to reduce the risk of occlusion.
Our aim is for a feminised, younger-appearing forehead, with no depressions and a gentle projection.

Before and After Forehead Threadlift

Threadlift for forehead
Before and immediately after threadlift for forehead
Forehead threads
Before and immediately after forehead threads
feminising forehead with threads
Using threads to improve forehead depressions

Will share more before and afters as this case progresses, including 3D imaging.