Masseter Bulge Post Face Slimming Injections

masseter slimming
Masseter slimming

What do I do if I get a Masseter Bulge Post Face Slimming Injections?

Masseter slimming is a very commonly performed treatment at our Sydney Clinics.

Like all medical procedures, there are some common side effects and and also more rare side effects.

A small bulge in the masseters is a more rare side effect, but it is possible. It is in general nothing to be concerned about as it is simple to fix.

Why do people have their masseters done?


The most common reasons people consider masseter anti wrinkle is to either slim the bulk of the muscle to slim the jawline, or because of bruxism (grinding of teeth, primarily whilst sleeping). These are not mutually exclusive and patients commonly have the treatment for both reasons.

Masseter bulging post treatment

One side effect that some people might experience include certain parts of the masseter may bulge. It may be on both sides of the face or may be uneven with one side only having the bulge. This may be distressing as the patient may not know what is going on and think something is wrong but it can be easily corrected. This can be because the superficial muscle fibers have overcompensated for the loss of strength in the deeper part of the muscle. 

If this occurs, please contact the clinic and make an 8 week follow up appointment. The procedure to address the bulding entails a small amount of anti wrinkle being injected directly into the area that is bulging. 

Follow up

You  will in general be invited for an 8 week follow up post masseter treatment during the slimming phase. This is because the maximum effect can be up to 8 weeks. One other reason is because one side can kick in quicker than the other and can be found to even out at the 8 week mark. 


We will assess the aesthetic or bruxism result at the 8 week mark. You may need to be retreated whilst we get you from the treatment phase to the maintenance phase. It is our protocol to only treat at 8 weeks as the maximum effect continues up until that time. Once you have moved on to the maintenance phase it can be maintained by having a treatment every 3-4 months.

Other side effects

-Headaches, this can be remedied with paracetamol. It’s important to avoid ibuprofen as this can exacerbate any bruising that may occur. 

-Tenderness, red dots or some swelling at the injection site

-Smile asymmetry 

-Loss of extreme smile

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