Threadlifting for the Eye Area

Eyelids threadlift
Eyelids threadlift

PDO mono threads for the eyelids is a popular treatment at our Sydney clinics.

The eye area is notorious for showing aging and sagging/ lax skin of the upper face. Normal aging processes can be seen as hollowing of the eye area, crease lines, thinning and sagging of the skin and the area looking tired due to pigmented or darkened appearance. Direct and targeted biostimulation of this delicate skin with PDO Mono Threads could be an option for these issues

Progressive restoration of this area is key to looking bright and youthful. The eye areas can be treated with PDO mono threads.
Whether you have creeping, mildly hooded, puffy looking or downturned eyes there is hope! This treatment can make sad eyes look happy and revitalized.

What is eyelid threadlifting?

Eyelid threadlifting is where short PDO threads are placed into the eyelid skin, which stimulated the collagen

Who can benefit the most from this treatment?

This procedure is great for anyone who has noticed a reduction in skin quality and where skin tightening and firmness is needed.

It is also suitable for those who are not ready for a surgical correction and would like to explore a less invasive option for eyelid skin improvement.

How/where are the threads inserted?

The placement of PDO Mono Threads is “target” specific, where they hit is where collagen and elastin lands. So, where they are placed and how they are placed is critical to being artful with eye treatments.

Redefining, reshaping, upturns to even creating a cut crease look (a make up term) – PDO Monos are a great way to biostimulate this delicate skin and revitalize the eye area.

How many threads would I need?

The more threads used the more obvious the results ie the less space or gaps between the threads the more concentrated the effect. When you are being clinically assessed we can recommend a treatment plan depending on what is wanting to be achieved
For brow reshaping , 30-60 tiny threads each treatment may be required. For a downturned eye, 100 threads may be advised.
Each person is different, and their individual response to collagen gains are different.

How often do I need the treatment?

This all depends on the individual’s bioresponse. Patience is required as collagen-building takes time
For the building phase, retreatments can be made from 6 -12 week intervals to achieve your optimal
results. Repeated treatments are necessary and are recommended until the desired effect is
achieved. This typically is 2-3 treatments, before reaching a regular maintenance program.
For the maintenance phase, patients should be retreated approximately every 12 months. Sooner if your concern is aged skin.

Is it painful?

Moderate discomfort can be expected, due to the number of threads. This can be minimized with our in clinic pain management options.


Usually light makeup application and skincare can be resumed the following day after treatments.
Bruising, swelling and tenderness depends on the individual and before care preparation.

Bruising may typically last 1 week. We recommend post treatment care options that include LED to hasten the regeneration healing process.