For new patients, consultation fee is $350. This is a non-refundable consultation fee requiring a deposit to book the appointment. This fee can be redeemed against services on the day of consultation only. All prices below are “starting from” prices. Total cost is determined and discussed with you at the time of consultation. 

Consultations, Face to face and Virtual

Consultation fees are non refundable and will apply even if there is no treatment performed on the day. Consultation fees may be redeemed against services performed on the day. The consultation fee with injectors cannot be redeemed against the purchase of products.

Injectors Therapists
$350 $250

Antiwrinkle injections | Face Slimming | Muscle Relaxants | Hyperhydrosis | Bruxism | Pain | Trapezius slimming | Calf Slimming | Headaches | Jaw slimming

The range for treatment cost would be $390 to $1260. Typically, the most common spend would be around the $590-$690 mark. The minimum cost for antiwrinkle injections is $360. For protocols after antiwrinkle treatment, see below **.

areas up to 2 up to 3 up to 4 up to 5 up to 6 up to 7 up to 8 up to 9 up to 10
From $390 $590 $690 $790 $890 $990 $1090 $1190 $1290

Dermal fillers: For Asymmetry | Acne scarring | Volume loss | Repair | Rejuvenation

Minimum price of dermal filler treatment $770. The liquid facelift does not include dermal filler for the areas nose/Aframe /upper eyelid /brow/ temple or forehead. Dermal filler and thread packages available. Please call the clinic.

  Standard area of filler: lips, cheeks, chin, jawline, tear troughs

Liquid facelift packages


Liquid facelift + antiwrinkles

skinbooster Aframe / upper eyelid / brow / temple / forehead filler   Hyalase Biostim filler
From $770


$2900 $770 $1100   $750 $1500

Fat dissolving: For double chin | body fat dissolving

  1 Vial 1 session(1V) 2 Vials 1 session(2V) 2 Vials 2 session(4V) 3 vials 1 session(3V) 3 vials 2 sessions(6V) 4 Vials 1 session(4V)
From $900 $1600 $2800 $2100 $3900 $2800

Skinboosters: For Acne Scarring | Skin health | Skin rejuvenation | Skin brightening | Dark circles

  Troughbooster | Skinbooster 
 From $770 

Biostimulator | Powder filler: For Asymmetry | Acne scarring | Volume loss | Cellulite | Skin Repair | Rejuvenation

  Standard face | Neck | Chest Biostimulator/powder filler for buttock volume Buttocks 4 vial package Biostimulator/powder filler for cellulite Biostimulator/powder filler for skin tightening abdo, legs, arms


$950 $950 per vial $3000 per treatment $950 per vial $950 per vial

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for skin | for hair

  1 tube 4 tubes   Vampire breast lift
From $650 $2000   $2100

Aquagold for Pore minimisation | Redness | skin Rejuvenation | Repair

  Device Relaxant Skinbooster PRP
From $550 $300 $750 $550


Long Threads
  4 threads 8 threads 12 threads 16 threads 20 threads
From $3500 $4500 $5500 $6500 $7500
PDO Short Threads
  10 thread (min) 20 threads 30 threads 40 threads 50 threads 70 threads 100 threads 150 threads 200 threads
From $1000 $1440 $1720 $1980 $2200 $3000 $3850 $4950 $6550
  Under eye | forehead threads Hiko Nose threads BROW and EYE THREADs
From  $1440 $2000 $3500

Laser: For Rosacea | Facial Capillaries | Birthmarks | Melasma | Acne | Acne Scarring | Mole Removal | Skin Repair | PIgmentation | Skin rejuvenation

All prices are “starting from” per treatment. Multiple treatments may be required. Each treatment will be paid for.

  Test Patch Minimum area Med area Face Face + neck Neck Chest Face+Neck+chest
Excel V Laser 532, or 577 for capillaries, rosacea and facial redness, $250 $460 $590 $680 $950 $680 $850  
Laser Genesis       $500 $700     $800
Q switch Laser (max 6 Treatments/year   $350   $350        
RF Skin tightening (Pelleve)    $550    $550  $900  $550    
1064 laser for blue veins (face)   $680 $680 $680        
IPL for redness, acne, pigment (also see freckle removal below) $250 $460 $680 $980 $680 $880  

Ablative laser: FOR Skin REjuvenation | FINE LINES | POREs | RESURFACING | Improved texture | acne scarring

Ablative laser treatments have a minimum of 3 days downtime.

There are 2 types:

  1. Fractionated laser where the skin is vaporised in columns where approximately 10% of the skin surface is treated.
  2. Full field laser where the entire surface of the skin is vaporised.
  Test Patch Minimum area Med area Face Face + neck Neck Chest Face+Neck+chest
Fractional ablative laser (profractional laser) (from)  $350 $1500   $1750 $2300 $1500 $1500 $3500
Full Field Ablative Laser Resurfacing (Microlaser peel) (from) $350  $2100   $2700        

Freckle Removal

For freckle removal, the most common process is to perform a test patch before going ahead with the treatment series.
There are no free treatments. If further treatments are required / requested for any reason including striping, further treatment will be required and patients will pay for these treatments. The Manse performs all types of freckle removal, but are the clinic to come to when you have low contrast freckle removal, or you have had multiple failed treatments at other clinics.

Price per treatment is “starting from”.

Test patch Face Face + neck Chest Upper back Lower back Abdomen Forearms Upper arms Hands Thighs Lower legs
$250 $690 $980 $880 $880 $880 $880 $880 $880 $690 $880 $880


Benign moles, lumps, bumps, polyps and skin tags can be removed using different methods at The Manse, including erbium laser, Pelleve RF and Tempsure RF, plasma pen or using punch biopsy or shave excisions. Your doctor will discuss with you the best method of removal

* Typically, each mole, lump or bump will require between 1-3 treatments. We can easily get rid of a lesion in one treatment, but the issue is scarring. It is better to perform the procedure in 2 or more treatments, so that the scarring can be as minimal as possible, which is really important to us and to you, as it will be with you for the rest of your life. This is an estimate, the amount of lesions that we are able to treat in one session depends on the size of the lesions.

Treatment  of 1-2  lesions 3-5 lesions 6-10 lesions
from $550 from $850 from $1000

RF microneedling: For Acne and other Scarring | Acne | Skin Health | Skin repair | Skin rejuvenation

1 treatment Package of 3 Package of 5
1 area (full face) $680 $1840 $2720
2 areas eg face PLUS (neck OR decolletage) $980 $2840 $3920
3 areas eg face PLUS neck PLUS decolletage $1280 $3540 $5120

Tattoo removal

Up to 50cm2 (credit card) Up to 150cm2 (1/2 A4 page) Up to 300cm2 (A4 page)
from $300 per treatment from $450 per treatment from $600 per treatment

Facial treatments

#THEMANSEGLOW (for darker skinned patients):

3 step process involving 1. Laser Peel using 1-2 wavelengths of our Qswitch laser. 2. A doctor-only Vitamin-A peel and 3. An LED . It is great to have this antiageing treatment every 2-3 months to keep your skin in peak condition, treating your sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines, pores, and acne. It will improve your skin texture and is great for those with melasma pigmentation. Maximum allowed Qswitch treatments per year: 6.   $450 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary).

#THEMANSEGLASS (for lighter skinned patients):

3 step process involving 1. Laser Peel using BBL. 2. A doctor-only Vitamin-A peel and 3. An LED . It is great to have a series of 5 of this brightening and antiageing treatment to improve your sun damage, freckles, redness and pigmentation. It will improve your skin quality and make your skin more dewy, glowing and young, causing it to reflect light as it never has before.   $450 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary)

#THEMANSEFILTER (for all skin colours and types)

3 step process involving 1. Laser Genesis using Excel V 2. A doctor only Vitamin-A peel or a lactic acid peel and 3. An LED. This is great for those with colour issues of redness, capillaries  or pigmentation, including melasma. It is also great for pore refinement. It is great for those with sensitive skin (these patients can also choose to have the treatment with more genesis and without the peel if they prefer).  $450 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary)

#THEMANSETIGHT (for all skin colours and types):

3 step process involving 1. A skin tightening sprocedure using a Radio frequency device 2. A doctor-only Vitamin-A peel and 3. An LED . It is great to have this skin tightening treatment every 2-3 months to keep your skin tight treating your sagging and fine lines. It is great for those who want a natural antiageing treatment with no downtime.  $450 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary).


Great for rosacea and redness and for melasma and skin quality improvement with no downtime.    $500 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary)


We use 1 or 2 wavelengths of our Qswitched Revlite laser. This is the perfect laser to have on the Tuesday or Wednesday before an event on Friday or Saturday night, you skin will be plump, bright, smooth and your blackheads and pores will be improved. There is no downtime associated with this procedure except mild redness on the day of the laser)Maximum allowed Qswitch treatments per year: 6.: $350 (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary)


Come and see our therapists, who will assess and diagnose your skin issues and create a custom facial to suit your concerns, be they pores, acne, melasma, ageing, sun damage pigmentation. The therapist will use a combination of cleansing, microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion, extractions, LED, peels, sonophoresis masks and customised product application. Recommended fortnightly. $250. (Buy a course of 4 get 1 complimentary)

Skin needling: For acne scarring | Skin repair | Skin rejuvenation

For anti ageing, elasticity, wrinkles, lines, folds, crows feet, large pores, pigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring and overall skin texture. A course of treatments at 4-8 week intervals is recommended to achieve optimal results, however visable results are often seen after just one treatment. Suitable for darker skin tones. A home care device is available for maintenance. $500 (Course of 4 treatments $1800)

Peels: For acne | Sun damage | Skin repair | Skin rejuvenation

Vitamin A Peel:

This peel is fantastic to treat sun damage, acne, skin texture improvement and pigmentation. It should be performed regularly to maintain youthful skin $250. (Course of 5 $1000). Other peels available within Custom facial above.

Skinceuticals Gentle Peel:

Rejuvenates the skin, stimulates collagen production
effective for all skin types,
Painless treatment.
Requires minimal downtime $250 (Course of 5 $1000)

TCA for acne scarring:

1-10 scars $650, 10-20 scars $850, 20-50 scars $1200.

Subcision for acne and other scarring

Subcision for scarring: From $990 full face

LED light therapy: For skin healing | Skin repair | Skin rejuvenation

Add on to any facial,  peel or other beauty or injectable treatment $50. ($80 stand alone)

Female genital rejuvenation and sexual health

Vulval fractional radiofrequency Genital bleaching program Vulval IPL Vulvovaginal Radiofrequency (Tempsure Vitalia) Package of 3 Tempsure Vitalia Female Genital PRP (aka O-boost)
$1000 $2500 $680 $1250 $3000 $2000

Protocols after treatments


There are no free top ups of dermal filler. If further treatment is required, then all filler injections will be paid for at full price by the patient. This includes for all symmetry related issues. Hyalase is not complimentary, except in the case of cosmetic emergencies like vascular occlusion.


The patient will return for a complimentary review at 4 weeks after their first antiwrinkle injection treatment. Complimentary review appointments are only booked after a patient’s FIRST treatment. If at this review appointment, the doctor decides that the patient requires a “top up”, this will be at no cost to the patient (and is a limited number of units). For each patient, there is a lifetime allowance  of one only complimentary top-up (of a limited number of units). After this “top up” has been used, the patient may be advised to increase their dose for the treatment. Patients will pay for all subsequent “top up” treatments. For hyperhidrosis, masseter slimming, platysmal band injections, bicep or tricep or deltoid slimming, calf slimming and trapezius slimming, there are no complimentary top ups.

Masseter, calf, bicep, tricep, deltoid and trapezius slimming review is at 8 weeks.


There are no free treatments. If further treatments are required/ requested for any reason, the patient will pay full price for all lasers and device treatments.


Review appointments are to be paid for by the patient, except for 1 complimentary review after antiwrinkle injections (see above).

Gift certificate

We have gift voucher certificates available for purchase.
Gift certificates start at $200. Please call the clinic on 93315005 to arrange. Or please order a gift card online.