Permanent hypopigmentation is lightening of the skin to the point where it is unable to tan. It is a form of a scar.

Hypopigmentation can be caused by laser.

Hypopigmentation may also be temporary.

Contributing factors relating to hypopigmentation post laser treatment

* Too high settings of the laser for the patient

* Burning or blistering of the skin

* Infection after laser

* Poor wound care eg picking of skin after treatment

* Use of EMLA or other topical anaesthetics with IPL

How to treat permanent Hypopigmentation post laser

* The best way is to remove all of the sun damage around the white area, as when there is reduced contrast, the area itself will look improved

* Cosmetic Tattooing, repigmenting the white area

* Fractional Laser / Needling

2 areas of permanent hypopigmentation after IPL on chest caused blistering, The clavicles are a very risky area for IPL and this needs to be addressed during the treatment
Area of hypopigmentation / scarring on clavicle after IPL to chest