Eyelid/Eyebrow Droop after Injections

Powder filler aftercare

Eyelid and eyebrow droop are not very common after antiwrinkle injections. It usually only affects one side


Is very uncommon, and in our practice, the risk is less than 1%.

Why does eyelid droop occur?

Eyedroop can occur after antiwrinkle injections because some of the injected product has affected the muscle which raises the eyelid. There might be several factors that may contribute to this occurring:

* The anatomy of the patient. The area that they were trying to treat may be very close to the muscle which raises the lid.

* The dose used. Larger doses are associated with  greater risk for side effects

* The dilution used. A very dilute dose may cause the toxin to spread further than a smaller dilution

How do I know if I have eyelid droop?

It can be very minor or the eye may be shut. In general, eyelid droop is obvious when it occurs. Distinguishing between eyelid and eyebrow droop is important as the treatment is different. Your injector will be able to tell.

Treatment of eyelid droop?

Eyelid droop may be treated with different types of eye drops, either over the counter or prescription. Please notify your doctor if you have eyelid droop.

How long will my eyelid droop last?

Eyelid droop after antiwrinkle injections can typically last up to 3 months

Will it happen again if I continue with antiwrinkle injections

Your dose and placement of antiwrinkle injections should be changed after eyelid droop has occurred. It should be able to be avoided with future treatments.


Eyebrow droop is a more common complication of antiwrinkle injections than eyelid droop. Sometimes it may be so slight that the patient doesn’t see it. Sometimes the patient doesn’t see it, but they notice that they are having difficulty putting on eye makeup.

It also may be very significant, in this case, the patient may confuse it with eyelid droop.

Eyebrow droop mainly occurs with treatment of the horizontal forehead lines.

Why does eyebrow droop occur?

When the horizontal forehead lines are being treated, the doctor knows to stay away from the tricky areas like just above the outer brows, because they know that injecting there is the cause of most eyebrow droops.

Even when the injector  has been careful, a brow droop may occur.

There are rare patients who cannot have there horizontal forehead lines treated because even with the smallest dose with careful placement, brow droop occurs.

As patients age and their brows start to droop, we tend to advise smaller doses in the horizontal forehead lines. Even though there might be more wrinkles on the forehead, the patient will look better and younger overall if their brows are at a better position

Treatment of eyebrow droop?

The eyebrow droop may be helped by further antiwrinkle injections into the muscles that pull down the eyebrows, eg the procerus and the orbicularis oculi. Contact the clinic to make an appointment for this

How long will my eyebrow droop last?

Most eyebrow droops will resolve within 2 months

Will eyebrow droop happen again if I have my horizontal forehead lines treated?

The injector will change the dose and placement of the injectable, but there is still a possibility that eyebrow droop will occur again