Non-Surgical Face Shaping

This patient had multiple areas of her face injected with dermal filler and antiwrinkle injections; Including crows feet, frown lines cheeks, tear troughs, eyes, nasolabial folds, love bands, lips, eyebrows and jawline

The face may be reshaped using non-surgical methods.

A consultation is required to assess where the patient may benefit

Faces can be reshaped to look younger and or more beautiful

The forehead

The forehead structure may be reshaped with dermal fillers, eg injecting above a prominent brow ridge to disguise the brow ridge.

The Temples

The temple can get very volume deficient, which can cause a very aged appearance. These can easily be lifted with dermal filler

The Cheeks

The cheeks on many patients are the most important feature for face shaping and aging.

Volume loss in the cheeks needs to be treated so that the patient can regain structural support of the skin of the face. This is easily achieved with dermal filler.

The Nose

The nose may be reshaped using dermal fillers

The Lower face

The lower face may be too square, or too wide, causing a masculine appearance. This is easily treated by injecting muscle relaxing injections in the masseter muscles, which will slim the face giving the face a more slim and feminine appearance.

The lower face may be losing its structural support in the jawline, dermal filler may be used to rebuild this structural loss,

The Chin

The chin may need to be projected further for either more beauty or for rejuvenation purposes. This is very simple using dermal filler