Vampire Facial
Vampire Facial


The platelet rich plasma facial or “Vampire Facial can be used with micro-needling or RF microneedling or ablative laser or by injections or with an Aquagold device.

1. PRP is made from the patient’s own blood

A skin facial treatment often known as “vampire facials” or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, involves micro-needling with the patient’s plasma (good cells) which rejuvenates and hydrates the face. This procedure involves collecting your blood from your arm and putting it into our centrifuge for up to 10 minutes which will separate the platelets, specifically the plasma from the other blood particles.
PRP blood taking

2. It provides great skin rejuvenation

PRP facials are great for those who want a natural alternative to rejuvenating and hydrating their face instead of filler. During the vampire facial, elastin and collagen production increases as the cell turnover is stimulated. This gives younger looking skin and improves fine lines, acne scarring and overall skin texture. It is especially great for those who have sun damage, premature wrinkling, and anyone who would like to have hydrated and “glowy” skin.

3. PRP can target delicate and sensitive areas

Vampire facials that include the under eyes are great for those who would like to treat the sensitive area with a natural alternative first. Usually eyes can be the first signs of ageing, for example dark under eyes, fine lines and uneven skin texture. PRP therapy is great for this and with to 1-3 sessions and ongoing maintenance results will show.

4. Will the Vampire Facial hurt?

There is minimal pain and discomfort during procedure. The clinician is able to alter the depth of the tiny punctures holes being created by the microneedle pen or machine, making it more comfortable if needed. However, the deeper the depth, the better the results. Usually topical anaesthesia will be applied to the face prior to treatment if patient requests this. After treatment, the patients face may feel
tender, hot and appear red which may last from 24-48 hours.

5. Are the results instant?

Results will vary depending on the patient, however usually results are not instant and will take 4-8 weeks to see results. During the skin rejuvenation process is when you will start to see changes in your skin. Usually after the second session of PRP Vampire facial is when you will begin to see change and the “glow”.

6. What are the risks of PRP Vampire facials?

Although PRP is considered lower risk than most injectables, these are the ones you should be aware of!
Bruising– Usually there is minimal bruising in Vampire Facials. However, if needle is used during the treatment to target specific areas some bruising may occur on injection site and will typically calm down between 24-48 hours and may last up to 7 or more days
Swelling– Swelling is a common side effect which any facial or injected treatment.With Vampire facials when the face swells up it is a good sign and means skin rejuvenation is in the works.
Skin irritation– Feeling itchy and red post a PRP facial is quite normal and will subside fully in a couple of days. In this case, gentle cleansers and sunscreens should be used in this time and scrubbing, picking and touching the face should be avoided. This willensure skin irritation does not worsen as it can be sensitive in the skin rejuvenation process.
Infection – As infection is rare during PRP we must not rule it out! If you experience fever, nausea, hot and cold, and extreme warmth on the face this could indicate an infection. It is best to call up the clinic or your GP as soon as this occurs.
Blindness, stroke, and necrosis and catastrophic and very rare potential side effects of PRP

7. Vampire Facial Post Care

These are some really easy steps to follow post vampire facial.
– Firstly for the first 4-6 hours do not touch your face at all as it will be quite
sensitive and in its healing phase and when you do decide to rinse your face,
making sure it is with room temperature water and clean hands is a must.
– No makeup for 24-48 hours!
– Do not rub your skin and be quite gentle with it. Patting dry your face after
washing it or having a shower is essential.
– Take Panadol if you are feeling uncomfortable or experiencing some pain post
treatment. If the pain worsens its best to contact your doctor for further
– Apply ice to your face gently if the swelling is uncomfortable for you
– Try stay out of the sun for the first couple of days as it may irritate the skin

8. How many treatments are required?

During consultation you will discuss with the injector your desired outcomes. Whenyou are giving the go ahead for this procedure, we will determine your treatment plan and how many sessions and ongoing treatments you will need to get to your
goal. Usually we will suggest 3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart, with a maintenance session of coming back every 6-12 months. We may also suggest other treatments to accompany PRP to help give you the maximum results.

9. Is everyone is a good candidate?

Usually anyone can be a good candidate for a vampire PRP facial as it’s natural and has minimal risks and side effects. Those who have fine lines, sun damage, uneven skin texture, acne and hyperpigmentation are great candidates for this procedure.
Those who are not suitable  for the treatment is those that have autoimmune conditions, open wounds or those who have signs of poor healing, those who have an active infection, low platelet counts and individuals who have a history of keloid formation.

10. Fun fact: PRP was first introduced over 40 years ago to heal orthopaedic injuries.

PRP was first introduced in sports medicine and in the hospital system due to its healing properties by regenerating the tissues. This would assist in their wound healing process post- surgery and rehabilitation. The PRP was also tested for sexual wellness such as O-shot and P-shot. With further research, it became talk of the cosmetic world and has been used for hair loss and restoration, as well as skin facials to hydrate and restore the skin.