Top Injectable Requests for Asian Patients

We interviewed Nurse Kathleen about her top Injectable requests for Asian patients,

Kathleen is a very advanced cosmetic nurse and has been injecting patients since 2014. She is experienced in both Asian and Western injectables. She loves the face design aspect of both.

Nurse Kathleen has an interest in what is considered a “lucky face”, and how a face is related to fortunes.


Hi Kathleen, what are the top requests for injectable for Asian patients in your experience?

Nurse Kathleen: “The top treatments would include Cherry Lips, Nose injecting, masseter slimming, forehead augmentation cheek augmentation, eyebrow augmentation, chin filler and skinbooster for skin improvement.”

Would you be able to tell us about each of the above requests please?

Nurse Kathleen: “Sure I will share about the most popular treatments:

Cherry Lips

Cherry lips are the most popular lip trends for Asian Patients in 2023. This trend is popularized by K-pop stars, involving injecting a filler substance, , into the lip to add volume and shapes that look more natural and youthful. 

Different from traditional filler techniques that focus on filling an all over plumping effect, ​​this procedure only fills the middle part of your lips top and bottom, just like two pairs of cherry that lie on your lip, which they consider as cute and youthful looking.

Nose Augmentation

Asian patients tend to have  thick nose skin (which is a benefit for ageing),  bulbous nasal tips, a broad nasal base, and a low or flat bridge and radix (between the eyes). Asian patient  love to have a  more projecting, refined tip and a built-up, raised bridge. Nowadays, non-surgical nose jobs can achieve this type of look by injecting filler to raise the bridge, tip of the nose. Hiko nose is another popular option to help enhance the projecting look of the nose.

Masseter Slimming

In general the lower third facial structure is naturally wider in most Asian females, generally due to the stronger masseter. Enlarged masseter on women can potentially masculinise the face. Giving muscle relaxant injection in a masseter is a non surgical way to slim it and give feminine oval face rather than a square face shape. This injection has minimal downtown and is generally needed 3-4 times a year for maintenance. The reduction phase can typically take 1-3 treatments, 8 weeks apart.

Forehead Augmentation

In some Asian culture beliefs, they seek to have a ‘lucky face’ by having a high forehead. It is also related to Feng Shui, certain facial characteristics are considered as intelligence and good fortune. In the old days, when a woman had a high forehead, they believed they could marry a wealthy man because this woman can bring fortune to the man and the family. Injecting filler into the forehead which volumises the forehead that meets the “lucky face” requirement, thus forehead enhancement is a popular injection for many Asian women.  Nowadays, Asian women get forehead fillers mostly to get a more projecting look in total face proportion.

Cheek Augmentati

Again, related to face ‘Feng Shui’, a lucky face also includes a full cheeks. Full and round cheeks are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity in some Asian cultural beliefs, they call it ‘apple cheek’. Apple cheek can be achieved by injecting dermal filler into the target area (normally medial of the cheek) to achieve a full round cheek, which looks like a pair of pink apples when smiling. 

Eyebrow Augmentation

Women from east Asian countries commonly have narrow palpebral fissure and mono eye lids. When ageing, the palpebral fissure gets narrower and narrower. Also, due to natural genetics, Asians facial features tend to become less projected. Injecting dermal fillers into the eyebrow can widen the palpebral fissure, opening up the eyes and give the Asian face more projection. Along with forehead filler, Asian facial features are enhanced and look more projected. 

Chin Augmentation

After slimming masseter muscle, we can inject dermal filler into the chin to achieve a more V-shape look. Chin augmentation among Asian women is also very popular in recent decades. 

 “V-shaped face” refers to a facial shape with a slim and defined jawline that tapers down to a more pointy chin, looking like the letter “V.” 

When injecting dermal fillers, it is popular to create a projected instead of round chin, however, it also depends on individual preference. 


Skin booster is popular in recent years within the Asian market. Many Asian cultures have a long history of valuing skincare beauty rituals. This emphasis on skincare has led to the popularity of various skincare treatments, including skin boosters. A clear and youthful and radiant skin is often considered a standard of beauty in many Asian cultures. Compared to traditional facials, skin boosters have been given powerful yet natural results of improved skin hydration, texture, and overall appearance. “

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