Trapezius Slimming

Trapezius Slimming

Trapezius slimming before and after btx
Trapezius slimming before and after antiwrinkle injections

Trapezius slimming is a treatment we perform at our Sydney clinic to feminize and improve the appearance of the neck and shoulder and back.

Trapezius is a large piece of muscle that covers the neck, shoulder and the back. We can use antiwrinkle injections to shrink this muscle which will create the appearance of a longer neck and straighter angled shoulders. It also helps with neck and shoulder pain from overused and overdeveloped muscles. It gives the look of a better posture as over developed traps can gives the appearance of been hunched over.  

Who is this suitable for?

 Trapezius slimming is suitable for the following issues:

  • Patients who suffer from neck and shoulder pain, for functional relief of the pain and some types of tension headaches.
  • Patients with poor posture, in combinations treatment with a physiotherapist.  
  • For aesthetic reasons, to elongate the neck and create and straight 90 degreed shoulder contour. 

It is especially popular in female patients and to create an elegant long neck and to look more feminine and with a less hulk-like appearance. 

Some patients have naturally overdeveloped traps due to genetics.

In others poor postures can frequently contribute to this, eg holding phone between your shoulder and head.

What are the side effects? 

Like all injections, sometimes  bruising and pain. Temporary weakness of the muscles may cause weakness of lifting or upper arm function. But usually in experienced hands the side effects are very minimal to nil. Most patients don’t experience any weakness or side effects. 

Whats the cost?

A high dose of antiwrinkle injections is required as the trap muscle is a big muscle compared to small muscles on the face. The actual cost will need to be assessed at a consultation as everyone’s muscle is different in size. 

How long does it take for me to see results? and how long does it lasts? 

Usually antiwrikle injections take 1-2 weeks to start working. You will notice slimming effects from 4-6 weeks later, as the muscle needs to atrophy first. The results from the treatment should not be assessed before 8 weeks as this is how long it will take to get to maximal effect 

This treatment usually needs to be repeated every 3-6 months. It depends on the individuals lifestyle and metabolism. 

Please see our prices for antiwrinkle injections.