Micro Laser Peel

What is a microlaser peel?

Microlaser peel is a type of facial resurfacing procedure using a Sciton Profile Erbium Laser. The procedure involves between 1 and 2 passes of the laser on the face. The laser is set to ablate 10, 20 or 30 microns of skin during the procedure. The skin is ablated by the laser and is replaced by new skin causing collagen regeneration, and skin textural improvement.

Who is suitable for a microlaser peel?

Any patient who wants their skin improved is suitable for microlaser peel. Lighter skin tones are more suitable for the procedures. If a patient is at risk for PIH (post-inflammatory pigmentation) they should be treated with a topical lightening agent before and after the procedure and adhere strictly to the after care instructions.

Anyone with photoaging of the skin would benefit from a microlaser peel.

Why should I have a microlaser peel?

The uppermost layer of the skin is being removed, this will stimulate collagen, and brand new skin will regenerate and you will be left with smoother, younger looking skin. The light will reflect off your skin in a more appealing way.



Consultation is required before microlaser peel treatment.

A history will need to be taken, including history of other treatments, complications, skin type and history of cold sores. The amount of downtime available will need to be discussed and also other treatment options

Examination of your skin and what needs to be required.

Photographs of your skin will be taken.

Consent form will be read and signed, with opportunity for further discussion

If the patient is predisposed to PIH, a lightening agent would be prescribed. Sometimes this is required for up to 8 weeks prior to procedure

The patient may be prescribed a retinoid to prepare the skin for resurfacing.

Appointment will be made for the procedure. Prepayment is required

The Microlaser Peel Procedure

The patient arrives 1 hour before the procedure and may be given some Valium prior to the procedure. With the lighter levels of microlaser peel, valium is unnecessary

Local anaesthetic will be injected to block the nerves

A topical anaesthetic will be applied for 1 hour prior to the procedure with glad wrap.

The patient’s face will be cleaned twice

The Erbium laser will be used on the face with 1 or multiple pulses to pass over the face.

An ointment will be applied to the face eg Vaseline

The patient’s face will be very red and covered in a layer of ointment

What are the side effects/risks of Microlaser Peel?

Hyperpigmentation / PIH (Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) Increased skin pigmentationThis tends to occur in patients with darker skin tones. If a patient is predisposed to PIH, then they should be on a lightening agent prior to and after treatment to reduce the likelihood of PIH occurring. Topical steroid may also be prescribed by the doctor after the treatment to reduce the likelihood of PIH

Hypopigmentation (decreased skin pigmentation) This is possible after microlaser peel. The deeper the treatment, the greater the likelihood of this occurring. This is uncommon in full facial resurfacing at mild depths like those being used in th Microlaser peel

Scarring: Very uncommon

Infection: Cold sore (herpes virus) and bacterial infections are possible. Antivirals may be prescribed preventatively. Antibiotics may be required if a bacterial infection occurs

Acne erruption: This can occur after the procedure possibly due to the greasy ointment which is required for healing. It usually resolves quite quickly

What is the downtime with Microlaser Peel?

Usually 5 days are required. Usually you are able to start wearing makeup again on day 6

When do I start to see results from the Microlaser Peel?

You will see results as soon as you regrow your new skin, ie after 5 days. You results will improve over the next 3-6 months as collagen takes this long to grow.

How will I look while recovering from Microlaser Peel?

Face numbing before Microlaser Peel
Face numbing before Microlaser Peel
Day 3 after Microlaser peel
Day 3 after Microlaser peel

Cost of Microlaser Peel 

From $5200

What it I don’t want the downtime of a Microlaser Peel?

You could still have a microlaser peel but choose a more superficial depth.

Or, your other options would include

RF micdoneedling, which is a lighter procedure with minimal downtime

Ablative fractional laser, which has 3 days downtime (rather than the 5 of the micro laser peel)

IPL/ BBL, which targets the coloured sun damage.

Qswitch laser,  for regular laser toning

The Manse Glow Which is a Qswitch laser, chemical peel and LED light

A series of lighter chemical peels