Removal of Skin Lumps that come with ageing

Before and after skin lump removal face
Before and after skin lump removal face

As we age, some of us get lumps and bumps on our skin, including old age warts (seb Ks), sebaceous hyperplasia, and other benign lumps. This interferes with the appearance of smooth skin.

As you can see in the image above, this patient has multiple lumps, which are making the skin look older and flawed.

Methods of removal

At our Sydney clinics, we use several methods of removal for these lumps, including Erbium laser, RF or punch biopsies.


Even if you have the best skincare, keep out of the sun and have regular facials etc, in those susceptible, these lumps will still appear.

Treatment Frequency

We recommend those who get benign lumps on their skin and want smooth skin, to make a plan to flatten all the raised lumps, which typically may take 1-4 treatments, and then our recommendation is to keep on top of it by being retreated every 1-3 years.

Cost of treatment

Please see our pricing page under laser mole and lump removal.

Making an appointment

Please make an appointment with one of our doctors for an assessment.

It is important to be assessed by a doctor before any treatment for skin lesions.