2024 Beauty Trends: Your Guide to Natural Results

2024 Beauty Trends: Your Guide to Natural Results

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2024 Beauty trends

In 2024 we’re noticing a change in individual goals. We’re seeing a shift towards anti-ageing treatments on a natural scale.

Beautiful skin is the key.

Our patients are wanting a youthful, volumized appearance whilst still looking like themselves.

We’re seeing a very heavy focus on collagen stimulating treatments and individuals

starting to think about managing the ageing process from a younger age.


It’s All About Collagen

Collagen is a key structural element within the skin that is responsible for strength, structure and firmness of the skin. With the ageing process, the skin loses collagen sources which causes sagging, loss of elasticity and an increase in visible lines and wrinkles. Bioremodellers and biostimulators and energy based devices have been found to increase collagen production within the skin. Our aim is naturally lifted and hydrated skin.


Bioremodeller face
Bioremodeller face being injected using the classic 5 point BAP technique, where the bioremodeller spreads like “liquid honey” over a radius of 2cm away from the injection point, covering the face skin.


Bioremodellers have had a huge increase in popularity in the last two years, and with all the benefits they bring, we can definitely see why. This injectable treatment provides an intense hydration to the skin, resulting in a visibly tightened and healthy appearance of the skin. The goal of this treatment is to improve firmness and elasticity of the skin, through promoting further collagen production. For optimal results, we recommend 2-3 sessions and then 6 monthly to yearly  maintenance sessions.


Biostimulators work to produce natural volume to the skin, resulting in a more plump and youthful appearance to the skin. It’s a popular treatment for those who don’t want filler.

Biostimulators are ideal for those wanting natural skin tightening and to address volume loss.

It works by targeting collagen and elastin production and supporting facial structures. It achieves a more lifted appearance and tighter skin quality.  Optimal results are achieved by completing 2-3 sessions every 6-8 weeks. Results last up to two years, however we recommend yearly maintenance.

Neck biostimulator
Neck biostimulator

Polynucleotides: New Treatment Alert

Polynucleotides are the latest skinbooster available.

This is an innovative product, unlike any previous skinbooster products.

It is a gel formulation containing Polynucleotide, sourced from wild salmon DNA fragments, meticulously extracted through exclusive DOT™️ technology (DNA Optimising Technology).

Watch out for our next newsletter, where we will share further information about this treatment, which is excellent for under eye skin.

One Night Stand
One Night Stand

At Home Collagen Stimulation

We recommend the power product, One Night Stand for maximal Collagen stimulation at home.

This highly active overnight cream works while you sleep. A potent 15% Glycolic Acid combined with 1% Bakuchiol work to brighten and resurface the skin, while nourishing and skin tightening ingredients work their magic too, so you wake up to ultra smooth, supple, dewy skin with a radiance like never before.

This product is NOT suitable for sensitive skin and should only be used a maximum twice weekly

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