Double Chin Injections

Before and after Double chin injections
Before and after Double chin injections

Do you find yourself trying to get rid of a double chin in selfies? Wouldn’t you rather get rid of it in real life? Thanks to an injectable treatment introduced in 2017 to the Australian market, women and men now have a nonsurgical solution for reducing unwanted neck and chin fat at our Sydney cosmetic clinic.

What Are Double Chin Injections?

Injectable treatments to reduce fat below the chin and create a defined jawline have a brand name that Australian regulations prevent medica from using online. The procedure involves multiple injections of a specific acid (which also can’t be identified online) that naturally occurs in the body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

What is the science behind it?

When injected subcutaneously (just below the skin and above the muscle), the acid disrupts the membranes of adipocytes (fat cells) leading to irreversible cell breakdown (adipocytolysis). This process produces some mild, localized swelling which is largely resolved within about 28 days.

Double Chin Injections
Before and after 2 treatments of double chin dissolver

What Causes a Double Chin?

Both men and women go to great lengths to hide their double chins. Women wear scarves and oversized jewelry and try to camouflage the excess fat by contouring with makeup. Men grow beards and wear turtleneck sweaters. When they take selfies they lift the camera high and edit, edit, edit! So, what is the reason some of us have double chins?

  • Ageing: Ageing can cause fat to accumulate in the neck creating a double chin
  • Genetics: It can be part of a patient’s DNA, even if they are slim everywhere else.
  • Weight changes: A double chin can appear when your weight fluctuates. However, diet and exercise may not be enough to remove the fat from a double chin.

In Australia, nearly 60% of women say that they are concerned about a double chin. This figure is more than the number of those who are bothered by their forehead lines. About 40% of men are concerned about their chin profile. And the majority of those concerned with their jawline profile are between the ages of 31 and 60.

How Are Double Chin Injections Performed?

Double chin injectable treatments are tailored specifically to the needs of each patient after a consultation with an injector at The Manse Clinic. During consultations, our doctors and beauty therapists evaluate the neck and discuss the patient’s medical history to ensure double chin injections are appropriate. For example, a patient with very loose neck skin may not be a good candidate for the procedure.

The treatment begins with thoroughly cleansing the neck and below the chin. A therapist then uses a pen to mark a grid of specific injection sites and the doctor determines the correct dosage for the patient. After the injector completes making the injections ice is applied for 10 minutes. Panadol can be used for pain relief.

Patients should avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications or steroids because the inflammatory response may be an important part of treatment success.

Results and Recovery

Patients who undergo double chin injectable treatments report that they are less self-conscious about their appearances and feel more comfortable. The fat cells destroyed during the process are removed from the body and don’t return. Fat can still accumulate in the area, however, but the results should be long-lasting.

There are some common side effects of double chin injections, including:

  • Discomfort
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Numbness
  • Areas of firmness
  • Itching or prickly sensation

Please see our Fat Dissolving Aftercare

You should not massage the injection sites for 72 hours. Because the fat cells die gradually, results may not be visible for up to 6 weeks and may not be visible until after the second or third treatment. Also, skin continues to tighten after treatment even after the swelling subsides. An appointment should be made for 8 weeks after the treatment for review and follow up treatment.

What Do Double Chin Injections Cost?

The overall cost of double chin injections depends on the number of injections and treatment sessions needed for each patient. Our cosmetic clinic pricing is from $1,600 for 2 vials and $2,100 for 3 vials. A package of 2 vials and 2 treatments is from $2,800, while a 3-vial package with 2 treatments is priced from $3,900.

You can check our pricing page for the current cost of double chin injection treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average dose for neck fat dissolving injections?

The average dose is 4 to 6 milliliters (about 2 to 3 vials) per treatment. Patients are typically in the office for 30 minutes, with the injection process itself taking 5 minutes.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Patients will typically require 3 to 6, with a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments. A double chin treatment is NOT A ONE-OFF treatment. Fat-dissolving treatments are a marathon and not a sprint. The majority of patients will see an improvement after 2 to 4 treatments.

Are the results natural-looking?

Double chin injections are popular with patients who value looking natural. This is because the treatment doesn’t affect facial expressions or their natural facial features.

What are the other options for neck fat?

Neck liposuction is the main competitor for neck fat-dissolving injections. Neck liposuction is less appealing to patients because it is more invasive, so more downtime is required. It involves small incisions that create scars and a liposuction compression garment needs to be worn afterward. Double chin injections are nonsurgical, so no time off work is required, and the downtime is minimal. The other benefit for those who aren’t open about their procedures is that there is a gradual change in appearance.

Before and after fat dissolving double chin
Before and after fat dissolving double chin
Before and after double chin injections
Before and after double chin injections