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The Manse wants to work with our patients to achieve their life goals.

The Manse Clinic's mission is to be the go-to, luxury cosmetic clinic for beauty achievers. Genetics are irrelevant to us. We fight every flaw that is necessary, to create that high end, beautiful look, that takes our patients to the life of their dreams.

The practitioners at The Manse are carefully chosen, they are patient-focused and aim to deliver excellence in health and beauty outcomes, bringing happiness, comfort and ease to the lives of our patients. 

The practitioners at The Manse focus on face design and advanced injectable, laser and threadlift techniques.

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Dr Naomi McCullum
Founder | Cosmetic Doctor | Student Cosmetic Chemist

Dr Naomi McCullum, The Manse clinic founder, is a cosmetic doctor, student cosmetic chemist, and pioneer in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

She started the first cosmetic medical blog in Australia in 2011 and has been creating content for cosmetic patients since then and has a large following on multiple platforms and accounts. She is a cultural investigator and conversation starter. Follow her social accounts to understand what this means.

She is the founder of brightening cosmeceutical skincare range, Dr Naomi Skin

Dr Naomi has been performing cosmetic treatments for over 2 decades, from when most products and devices were released onto the market in Australia. She has performed tens of thousands of treatments in those decades. She started performing laser over 2 decades ago, and has used threads and biostimulator since they were first introduced to Australia.

Dr Naomi is a qualified cosmetic doctor. She qualified as a Medical Practitioner, and completed her internship at St Vincents Hospital, Darlinghurst.

In 1999, she became one of the early members of the newly founded CPSA (Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia). When the CPSA became a College, (the CPCA) in 2015, Dr Naomi was admitted as a Fellow of the CPCA.

Dr Naomi was also a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine until 2020. Prior to these non-surgical Societies becoming Colleges, Dr Naomi was examination certified as a Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery from 2002-2014.

In her early years, Naomi worked at the leading cosmetic/dermatology clinics in Sydney at the time. Dr Naomi credits  much of her success to the mentors she had at this time (1999-2002). Dr Naomi opened her first cosmetic clinic in Paddington in 2002. 

Dr Naomi opened The Flagship Paddington Manse Clinic in 2016, The Manse Uptown in 2020. She opened her Skincare headquarters in Paddington in 2022 for the skincare brand's first birthday.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, real estate, quality binge TV, fashion, design, hanging out at home with family and going to Hawaii to relax and eat.

Dr Naomi has held 2 College Board positions in the cosmetic medical industry. She is currently on the Board of CPCA (Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia), and was previously on the Board of ACAM (Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine).

Dr Naomi’s aim is for her social media to become the best information source online for cosmetic medicine, and to lead the way for a new era of transparency in the cosmetic medical industry. 

FCPCA (Fellow of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia) Inaugural 2015-current

FACAM (Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine) 2015-2020

Board Member of ACAM (Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine) 2015-2018

Board Member, and PR Officer of CPCA (Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia) 2018-current

Member of CPSA (Cosmetic Physicians Society Australia) 1999-2016 


AHPRA registration: MED0001609582

Profession: Medical Practitioner

Registration Type: General


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Nurse John
Cosmetic Nurse

Registered Nurse

John completed his Masters of Nursing in 2013. He has been performing cosmetic medical treatments for 10 years. His aesthetic passions include performing ablative laser, including full field and fractional laser,  biostimulator  short PDO threadlifts, and Rejuran Skinbooster and many other cosmetic treatments. He is a gentle and caring injector who likes to improve frown line forehead linescrows feet, browlifting and face slimming. His aim is to make the itreatment experience as comfortable as possible for his patients. He loves to perform skinbooster treatment, PRP for eyes and skin, RF microneedling and Qswitch Laser.

For Rejuran skinbooster injecting, John is highly experienced and likes using the beauty gun and also freehand injecting. 

John only enjoys performing with a  "natural" aesthetic style with laser and other cosmetic  treatment  Due to his love of this subtle style, he focuses on treatment which are "skin-focused", including skinbooster, PRP and biostimulator. He does not believe in overfilling or a distorted shape. He loves treating patients who want to maintain their skin and do not want to alter their natural face structure.

John is also a Bachelor of Commerce graduate, majoring in Finance.

John enjoys every sport known to man, but soccer is his number one love.

Languages (in addition to English): Twi

AHPRA NMW0001807689

Dr Ryan Shannan
Cosmetic Doctor

Independent Contracting Tenant Doctor

AMET Field Complications Expert 

Dr Shannan loves the study of beauty and art, and is a medical leader in the topic of ultrasound and dermal fillers and dermal fillers complications.

Dr Shannan uses ultrasound for most cosmetic assessments and treatments particularly for the advanced treatments, including temples, forehead, upper eyelids/Aframe,  nose  and nasolabial folds.

Dr Shannan is passionate about educating doctors and nurses in the field of ultrasound for dermal fillers.

Dr Ryan  has a special interest in treating cosmetic complications. He takes referrals from other nurses and docors for emergency issues including vascular occlusions and other non-emergency cosmetic issues requiring reversal

He Is a kindhearted and patient aesthetic practitioner who enjoys the technical aspect of treating cosmetic patients with a focus on the details required for maximising beauty. He performs short and long threadlifts. He performs all advanced techniques including nose, temple and forehead treatments . He is a national and international pioneer and leader in the field of cosmetic ultrasound. 

Dr Shannan also performs energy based devices including Pelleve/ Tempsure RF for mole, lump and bump removal.

He enjoys face design and all of his treatments are individualised for the patient, their expectations, whether they want natural or glam, and also individualised to their anatomy. He wants his patients to be happy in their skin, confident and also joyful in their lives.

Dr Shannan graduated medicine in 2008 and with further study became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2017.

Languages (in addition to English): Arabic

He is learning Spanish and hopes to speak it fluently soon.

AHPRA REG MED0001765031

Profession: Medical Practitioner

Registration Type - Specialist

Specialty: General Practice


  • Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, University of Science and Technology, Yemen, 2008
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australia, 2017
  • AMC Certificate, Australian Medical Council, Australia, 2012


Nurse Julie
Cosmetic Nurse, Dermatology Nurse, Melanographer

Julie has been working as a registered nurse since 2013 . She has completed extra studies including a post graduate diploma in nursing, a certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine, Masters of Nursing in advanced practice.

Juile is passionate about Mole removal using radiofrequency devices, skin cancer assessment, biostimulators, skinboosters, dermal fillers including lip filler, cheek filler, chin filler, antiwrinkle injections including crows feet, browlift, frown lines, forehead lines, masseters, platysmal bands, fat dissolving and body slimming injections.

Her special interests are in skin cancer medicine and cosmetic nursing. She is passionate about using her advanced knowledge and skills to work with patients to achieve optimal outcomes under the most appropriate treatment plan.

She believes high quality care is the key to excellence in patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Julie is focused and face and skin design, she loves dermal fillers for cheeks, jawline, tear troughs and chin. She is highly experienced in lump bump and mole removal.


UTS University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Nursing 2013

AACDS Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science 

Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing 2019

Health Cert QualityAssured by Bond University

Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine 2019

Skin Cancer Symposiums

International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine in Melbourne 2020

The Australasian College of Dermatologists

ACD certificate of Melanography Essentials 2021

The University of Newcastle

Master of Nursing 2022

Languages (in addition to English): Mandarin

Nurse Rebecca
Cosmetic Nurse and Dermal Therapist

Rebecca has been in the beauty industry for over 28 years, and started performing injectables 20 years ago. Rebecca left the hospital system 5 years ago to do cosmetic injecting and dermal therapy full time. 

Her beauty career started with a fascination with light and shade in makeup and photography, to then becoming a highly qualified Registered Nurse, Dermal therapist and Cosmetic injector.

She will often combine skin treatments with her cosmetic injectables in the same treatment plan to ensure long-term outcomes.

She loves using antiwrinkle, PRP, biostimulation with PDO threads and powder stimulator, and bio modulation to progressively rejuvenate and restore her patients. She loves a challenge and is passionate about helping those with difficult lips, tear troughs, asymmetries. She loves performing advanced techniques with dermal filler.

She is also passionate about body injecting and treating cellulite. Also double chin fat dissolving and other body areas of fat dissolving.

AHPRA NMW0001336833

Current Div.1 Registered Nurse (NMW0001336833)
Bachelor of Nursing Western Sydney University 1997
Graduate Certificate of Wound Management NSW Health 2000
Graduate Diploma of Critical Care Nursing the Australian College of Nursing 2002
Certificate Wound management(Syd) 2002
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment NSW Health 2004
Certificate II in Workplace First Aid (Senior FirstAid) CBD College 2017
Diploma of Beauty Therapy Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy 2018
Graduate Diploma in IPL and Laser Skin Therapies Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy 2018
Diploma of Salon Management the Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy 2018
Graduate Certificate in Dermal Therapies Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy 2018
Certificate Laser Safety (Candela) 2018
DMK Programme One Paramedical Skin Therapy DMK Australia 2019
Certificate Cosmetic Injectables (DermaMedical, UK) 2019
Certificate in Clinical Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)–Harvest and Application (Cellenis) 2021
Dr Koonal Prasad
Cosmetic Physician

Independant Contracting Tenant Doctor

Dr Prasad's aim is to provide a comfortable, approachable, modern and quality aesthetic care to my patients. He wants his patients to feel heard, appreciated and confident as they leave his room.
Dr Prasad  believes that beauty and confidence need to radiate from the inner and outer self. Cosmetic practice for Dr Prasad is an integral part of holistic care. Integrating core ideologies of general practice is important to him, as it leads to the best results possible for his patients. Being the best version of yourself extends beyond the skin. Safety is always prioritised.

He has been performing injectables for 4 years and the treatments he loves include antiwrinkle to face and body, and fillers to face and body. He loves rejuvenating the skin as it is the "easiest thing patients can do for themselves". He loves this for the natural results and the satisfaction of the patients. He loves a naturally contoured lip, he loves to inject cheeks to create a harmonious look for the face. He loves a nefertiti neck llift and hand rejuvenation.
In addition to practising Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Prasad  successfully completed his General Practice Fellowship in 2020, while spending time as an unaccredited Orthopaedic trainee. He has also spent time as a co-Physician for the Canterbury Bulldogs Harold Mathews NRL team.
He incorporates minor surgical services through skin cancer checks, surgical removal of moles, lesions of concern and cysts. Opportunistic care in medicine is so very important to Dr Prasad
Away from medicine,Dr Prasad is an avid fan of the NRL and cricket. He loves all things performance automotive and enjoys prioritising his health and fitness. Music is also close to his heart and he always looks forward to any down time with his guitar.
Dr Prasad looks forward to assisting patients in achieving the best version of themselves.

Languages (in addition to English): Hindi


  • Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, University of Notre Dame, Australia, 2015
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australia, 2021

AHPRA No. MED0002002715

Nurse Kamala
Cosmetic Nurse / Artist

Kamala has been a cosmetic nurse for 16 years.

In addition to being a registered nurse, Karmie is an artist and completed a fine arts degree early in her career and incorporates her creative eye with her artistic skill to achieve the best results for her patients.

She has extensive training in many facets of the industry, with ongoing training.

She believes less is best to achieve a natural and harmonious aesthetic outcome for her patients, enhancing her patients’ natural features and creating a subtle and positive improvement.

She loves to build a trusting and genuine relationship with her patients maintaining a balance, elegance and freshness.

Kamala is experienced with anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, micro needling, PDO threads, PRP, skin booster and IPL.

Kamala is a passionate animal lover and a mum to her four grown up boys.

In her spare time, she loves being with her three dogs. She also has two horses and spends most weekends riding and competing on them.

Kamala is honest, warm, caring, and confident. She is highly skilled and focuses on looking after her patients with dignity and trust.

AHPRA: NMW0001305235

Nurse Sandra
Cosmetic Nurse
Registered Nurse
Sandra is passionate about art, beauty, skin and face design. She loves to work with patients to create a harmonious and symmetrical face using all of the injectable tools available at The Manse, including dermal fillers, antiwrinkle injections, fat dissolving and lasers.
She is a senior cosmetic nurse injector with a background in emergency medicine. Her treatments are targetted at antiageing and beautifying and subtly enhancing key features of the face to achieve a natural and flawless result.
Her favourite treatments to perform are lip filler, cheek filler, jawline fillers . She also loves to create a natural look with antiwrinkle injections, including  browlifts and all advanced antiwrinkle injections, including masseter slimming and body slimming injections.
Sandra is passionate about education and excellence, she prides herself on honesty, integrity and professionalism and believes they are the foundations to building a strong relationship with her patients. She believes that the aesthetic industry is constantly evolving, and believes the key to best practice is continuity in development, in order to offer advanced treatments to her clients and achieve the best results possible.
Sandra loves helping her patients to become the best version of themselves  and beieves that natural results are keyand she thrives on helping people achieve their aesthetic goals whilst maintaining their natural features and enhancing symmetry. She loves creating individualized treatment plans focusing on addressing the concerns of her patient whilst complimenting their natural anatomy
Languages (other than English); Arabic

AHPRA: NMW0002255807

Nurse Kathleen
Cosmetic Nurse
Nurse Kathleen has been an aesthetic nurse for 9 years, and also has 4 years experience in surgical nursing. She blends the best Asian and western cosmetic techniques to create beautiful aesthetic outcomes. Her artistic ability has contributed to her success as a cosmetic injector. She believes in creating subtle natural changes to prevent and combat the signs of ageing without looking "overdone'.
She has a strong knowledge of cosmetic medicine and anatomy and is very active in attending aesthetic conferences and training in the latest injecting techniques.
Kathleen likes the aesthetic of a natural and beautiful heart-shaped face. She likes "putting science into art". She enjoys boosting self-Image and confidence in her patients, and brightening their day. Her aim is to make her patient feel beautiful outside and happy inside. She designs bespoke treatment plans as she believes each patient has their unique and individual style. She cares about her patients like her family, She is also a good listener, patient and attention to details, and aim to deliver world-class treatment to her patients. 
Her favourite treatments include
Using facial analysis techniques and a detailed consultation process. Kathleen is able to design an individual treatment plan to achieve natural results.

Kathleen enjoys working in the field of aesthetic medicine. She is passionate about her work and believes that non-invasive cosmetic procedures can assist in releasing your beauty potential, enhancing your confidence and achieving your dreams. Kathleen has developed a keen passion in  anti ageing medicine.

Languages (in addition to English): 

AHPRA: NMW0001616868

Therapist Myriam
Beauty and Dermal Therapist
Myriam is a nursing student. She is also a qualified and caring beauty therapist, having completed studies at the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute with academic awards in 2020. She is passionate about dermal therapy and uses her knowledge to personalize each treatment to the client’s needs.
Myriam is a result driven therapist and she believes that it is important to empower every patient with the appropriate know-how to continue their self-care and well-being journey.
Myriam is interested in treating all skin challenges, including acne, pigmentation, redness, capillaries and melasma. She is passionate about in-clinic treatments and also about home-care.
Languages (other than English): Arabic, French
Therapist Michael
Beauty and Laser Therapist

Michael is a passionate and welcoming Therapist. He is fully qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science completed in 2021 with AACDS, and a certified IPL/Laser Safety officer 2020.

Michael is extremely results driven and will find the most optimal way to achieve all his client's needs. Michael delivers all his treatments with very high standards, respect, quality, and his most important focus is of course safety. While always maintaining a smile 🙂

Michael believes we should live our best lives and should be confident in our skin, to enjoy what life has to offer. This belief underlies Michael's passion for assisting others to fulfil their skin dreams, to ultimately promote living their dream life. 

Therapist Suzi
Beauty and Laser Therapist

Suzi is a caring and friendly therapist with a background in beauty and skincare.

She completed her studies in the UK and has a Higher National Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Suzi then went on to become an expert in skincare and loved to perform treatments such as microneedling and chemical peels and would customise treatment plans for her patients in order to get the best possible results.

Suzi is extremely passionate about client care and wants to help people feel more confident in their skin. Suzi views skincare as selfcare and loves to prescribe products and devices to use at home in order to enhance treatment benefits and give her patients glowing skin all year round. 

Dr Chris Rogan
Interventional Radiologist
The Manse clinic is very privileged in that we have the opportunity for collaboration with Dr Chris Rogan, interventional radiologist. The Manse and Dr Chris are working towards combining 2 fields of medicine, aesthetics and radiology with the purpose of improving safety and outcomes in aesthetic medicine.
Dr Chris has over 15 years experience in minimally invasive procedures, having undertaken specialist training both in Australia and the UK.  
Dr Chris became interested in aesthetic medicine after working on patients with varicose veins/venous disease and utilising antiwrinkle injections initially for medical applications in muscular spasm.
Chris’s belief is that patients should be offered a progressive approach which begins with lifestyle changes, progressing to medications or minimally invasive approaches like injections and needle based procedures before considering invasive surgery. This approach can avoid recovery downtime and complications associated with invasive surgery. 
Chris is currently the codirector of interventional radiology at Royal Prince Alfred hospital, where he uses cutting edge image guided minimally invasive techniques to manage conditions that would otherwise require major surgery. He is interested in applying image guidance such as ultrasound to increase the accuracy and safety profile of aesthetic procedures and in treating vein disease like varicose veins using a minimally invasive approach.
AHPRA MED0001596327
Registration Type: Specialist
Specialty: Radiologist
  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, Australia, 2012
  • Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2003

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