Hyalase: The Dermal Filler Dissolver

Hyalase is a product which is able to dissolve the most common type of dermal fillers. If you are unhappy with your dermal filler results, our clinic offers dermal filler dissolving.

The most concerning risk with hyalase is of allergy. It is important for patients to be aware of this risk and also for the doctors treating with this product to be trained in the management of allergy. A test patch may also be used by your doctor

We advise that patients should first consider going to their previous doctor if they want hyalase, but if they decide against this, our clinic does offer hyalase injections to dissolve other injectors work.

We also offer other corrective work to address other injectors’ work.

With dermal filler dissolving, 1-3 treatments are typically required.

Please see this page for hyalase aftercare

dermal filler dissolving with hyalase
Before and after hyalase for poor result of dermal filler to tear trough

Video of Hyalase Being Injected

Here is the video of the hyalase dissolving dermal filler case above.


Patient examples of corrective work

After corrective lip work by The Manse
Before and after hyalase to dissolve filler under eyes
Before and after hyalase to dissolve filler under eyes
Hyalase to dissolve filler
Hyalase to dissolve filler
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