Ultrasound for Dermal Filler


At The Manse,  we offer Ultrasound with dermal fillers.

Ultrasound can be used to improve diagnosis and outcomes with dermal fillers.

Our most popular uses for Ultrasound are the following:

Vascular Anatomy

Some of our practitioners use ultrasound guided filler injections for more advanced areas, like forehead and nose.

Sometime the ultrasound is used to check where the vessels are before injecting in advanced areas, like the temples or the nasolabial folds.

Vascular Complication Management

The ultrasound may be used to check where an occlusion is and also used for the injection of hyalase treatment of occlusions

The ultrasound may be used to check that the occlusion has been cleared.

We are happy to accept referrals to help out other clinics with vascular complications.


Extra guidance for use with Hyalase Dissolving for Aesthetics

We often use an ultrasound for tear trough filler dissolving to check where the filler is and if it has been dissolved.

Filler Migration Diagnosis and Treatment

The ultrasound can visualise beneath the skin to see if filler has migrated

Diagnosing where Filler is

The ultrasound can give extra information which helps us determine the location of filler  and how much is present


If you would like an appointment for ultrasound, please call 93315005 or book online