Freckle Removal

Freckle removal is a specialty at The Manse Clinic. We have been following the technology for freckle removal for over a decade.

Freckles CAN be removed.

Procedure for freckle removal

Day 1: consultation

Make an appointment to come and see us at The Manse.

At this appointment we will:

  1. Take your history, including your ancestry, tanning ability, previous freckle removal attempts and their success.
  2. Examine your face and body
  3. Discuss information about freckle removal that is important in your case
  4. Take photographs of your freckles
  5. Obtain a written consent for the procedure for freckle removal
  6. Perform test patching over the entire body including upper and lower limbs, chest, back, abdomen and face (we suggest all areas, but this is up to the individual)

Review of test patch and first treatment (this will occur anytime from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the site where we will start the freckle removal)

  1. Test patch results will be reviewed and the best settings for treatment will be decided. (If results aren’t considered good enough by the practitioner, a second round of test patching will be provided at no charge to the patient.)
  2. First treatment will be performed
  3. Appointment will be made for second treatment

Most areas will require a minimum of 2-3 treatments.

Cost of Freckle Removal Treatment

  • Consultation and test patching full body $240
  • Forearms $850 per treatment
  • Upper arms $850 per treatment
  • Chest $850 per treatment
  • Shoulders $850 per treatment
  • Upper back $850 per treatment
  • Lower back $850 per treatment
  • Face $680 per treatment
  • Face and neck $850 per treatment.

Legs cost depends on size of legs, but typically 1/3 of the lower limbs can be treated at a time and cost is $850: 1/3 of leg is usually ankle to below knee, or below knee to mid thigh, or mid thigh upwards.

The amount of areas that we are able to treat in one session depends on the amount of sun damage. If there is severe sun damage, then it is likely that we can only start with one area. If very mild sun damage (with no background actinic damage) , up to 3 areas may be treated.

As the sessions go on and the freckles and pigmentation are lifted, more areas are able to be treated in one treatment.

Typically, each body area needs a minimum of 2-3 treatments.

The test patch results can be seen on the forearm.this is low contrast freckle removal, which can be the most difficult type
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