Swelling with Dermal Filler Injections

Lip swelling immediately after filler

Why does swelling occur with dermal filler injections?

With any injections into the skin, swelling may occur. Swelling is worst with injections around the mouth, in particular the upper lip. In general, the more product that is used the more swelling can occur.

How to Treat Swelling from dermal filler injections?

Immediate pressure on the bleeding area until it stops, ice on the area after that.

Ice should be used on and off the skin for the rest of the day of treatment. Rest is also advised

Oral herbal anti-inflammatory tablets (eg Inflamzyme) are recommended. These can be taken at maximal dose from the morning of the procedure and taken until the swelling has resolved

Dr Naomi Swelling Tips:

After you have had a filler treatment, go home, have a rest and have 2 alternating ice packs (one in the freezer, and one on your face). Enjoy a restful activity while icing. Continue to ice day 1 after procedure as well.

Swelling 1 day after lip injections with dermal filler
Face distorted by swelling immediately after multiple mls of dermal filler in cheeks, nose, lips
Swelling in upper lips 1 day after injection of dermal filler
Swelling 1 day after lip augmentation