Dr Naomi McCullum

Founder of The Manse and Dr Naomi Skin

Dr Naomi McCullum
Dr Naomi McCullum

Dr Naomi is the founder of The Manse Clinics.

Dr Naomi is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic medicine and has been a cosmetic doctor, injecting and operating lasers for over 20 years.

She opened her first Paddington clinic in 2002, she then opened The Manse Clinic in 2016 and The Uptown Manse in 2020.

She loves creating entertaining content and has been committed for a decade to sharing medical information with the public.

Naomi is regularly in the press including Daily Mail ViceSunday telegraph & Mamamia.

Her Instagram account is the most followed cosmetic Instagram account in Australia. Please follow @drnaomi1 and @themanseclinic.

She is launching her third clinic, The Mansette, and her brightening cosmeceutical skincare range, Dr Naomi Skin, in 2021.

Dr Naomi Mccullum
Dr Naomi at The Manse Paddington.