Top 3 Neck Treatments

Neck line fillers
Neck line fillers

Dont forget your Neck!

The majority of people tend to focus only on rejuvenating and improving the appearance of their face. However it is extremely important with age that we also take care of our neck that truly needs our love, care and attention!
We will share below the top 3 most popular anti-aging neck treatments at our Sydney Clinic

Anti-wrinkle treatment for Platysma: The Neck Muscle

The platysma muscle is what causes the lines and wrinkles on your neck. The Platysma muscle is a broad superficial sheet muscle that covers above the chest, the sides of the neck and just below the chin and jawline. It pulls down from the lower third region of your face which also includes the mouth corners.
The platysmal bands are seen when you contract your neck muscles and they protrude out.
At the Manse we use an antiwrinkle  treatment to relax the platysma bands.  This will help flatten the vertical  bands on contraction and they won’t be as prominent. It may also reduce deep lines on the neck and will help the aged appearance of the neck.
Aging of the neck is normal and it occurs when the skin around the neck becomes thinner and loses its volume.
At a young age the platysma bands will only appear when you contract them, however as you age they are obvious without contraction.
This is why anti wrinkle is a great way for the platysma muscle to stay relaxed and not worsen over time.
Anti wrinkle treatment to the platysma muscle will keep the neck appearing tighter and smoother and will help maintain a younger neck angle.
The neck over time may sag and this results from the lack of attention one has shown to their neck – this is why we need to
tackle the problem at early stages.
We also suggest treatment of the neck to improve the appearance of the jawline and chin. Some patients will request this treatment as a preventative of the platysma band becoming more prominent with age. This is a great way to take care of your neck!
When requesting this treatment your medical professional will assess your platysma bands, asking you to contract them by
moving your lower face down. This will assist the injector in knowing the correct spots of where the anti wrinkle will be injected.
Usually we will grab the muscle as we inject as the neck muscle is a thin sheet of skin.
This anti wrinkle treatment  which is also known as the “nefertiti lift” is quite fast and has minimal side effects with great results and is great for ageing prevention, hence why we love this at The Manse.

Bioremodeller for treatment of the neck – “The Game Changer”

The bioremodeller treatment for the neck aims to lift and create firmness, restore skin tightness and overall repair the skin. It works as an anti-aging treatment. The unique formulation does not volumise the injected area like standard dermal filler, but instead rejuvenates the skin of the neck and gives it a great source of hydration (great for those who have seen an increase of dryness in their neck).
It is a collagen booster which is what we all love to hear! It is also suitable for patients that appear to have sagging and
wrinkles in their neck.
Many patients are getting this treatment as they age, and some are now requesting this treatment as a preventative due to the amazing results and feedback.
The great thing about this treatment is there are only 10  injection points on each side of the neck , as the product spreads in your skin  like honey. Compared to other treatments where it contains multiple little pricks, bioremodeller is quick and has minimal pain. An experienced injector will know exactly where to inject to prioritize tightening the skin where it needs it in the neck.
A consultation beforehand is vital , so the area is assessed correctly. When undergoing this treatment there will be a pressure and possibly a sting due to the fragility of the area being injected.
Just like any other treatment on the neck, we offer numerous options to
prevent pain and promote a great patient experience. After about 30 or more days,  results will begin to show.
Usually you will see tighter skin by the 8 week mark as that is the time frame the skin will take to remodel itself. At The Manse we always recommend 3 treatments , a month apart, for maximum results. In the neck, we recommend 2 syrinfers
We also highly recommend having the bioremodeller every 6-12 months after the three treatments to maintain results. We highly suggest that you try out the new bioremodeller treatment as it gives an amazing radiant and glow factor to your neck!

Neck Line Filler Treatment

As we age it is common to get neck wrinkles, and some may also experience darkness of the neck due to this. In order to smooth horizontal neck lines, a soft filler for the neck is quite effective. We don’t use a thick filler for the neck as an increase of lumps and thickness can occur which is not the look we are after!
At the Manse we are highly trained in administering filler of the neck and have an amazing technique that will soften these lines. We usually suggest 2-3 treatments of the neck with filler is realistic as optimal results do not happen in just one go. With neck filler it gives the neck a firmer and tighter appearance which overall is achieving a youthful look.
The severity of one’s horizontal lines of the neck are usually genetic and may worsen with age – that’s why we suggest looking after your neck at early stages of your life. Not only is it genetic, but we are constantly moving and stretching our necks. In particular being on our phone and screens (tech neck!)  and bending our necks constantly will increase the likelihood of these lines deepening.
We inject the filler quite superficially so you will feel pinches, however it is not too painful. We are able to put numbing lotion on  before treatment and we may offer the gas also to calm the nerves of our patients.
Bruising and swelling is quite common in this treatment and we will may recommend ice before you go.
The overall treatment is quite quick and will leave you in good spirits. Not only will you see instant results, in the next 4 weeks the results will become even better and the at 4 weeks we will review and see where you may need more on your neck. The bonus of using filler is that it is long-lasting (up to 1 year) and easy to maintain when lines are appearing again.
In my opinion in a suitable candidate, you will see a 70% to 80% improvement in neck lines.
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