Should I Get Skinboosters?


What is a skin booster?

A Skin booster a gel which aims to hydrate and improve the appearance of the skin. Imagine a moisturiser which works to hydrate and plump the skin from beneath its surface. There are many different brands on the market, and all are
used for a similar purpose – to improve the appearance of the skin. At the Manse clinic, our favorite areas to treat with skin boosters are the under eyes, face, neck, decolletage and hands.
Skinbooster treatments often require a few sessions to achieve the optimal results, followed by yearly maintenance.

How is it different from conventional fillers?

A Skin booster is a form of injectable that is used for a different purpose to conventional fillers. Unlike conventional fillers which aim to volumize and structurally enhance features of the face, a skin booster aims to hydrate and support the skin. A skin booster is not as volumising or shape changing as a conventional filler, but for some areas of the face and body
this factor makes it the perfect treatment option.
In particular for the under eye area, as there is virtually no risk of overfilling.
One skinbooster product which we use at the Manse contains amino acids and a brightening agent, which works to improve the appearance of under eye hollowing without the unwanted risk of overfilling or migration complications which are more at risk of occuring  with conventional tear trough fillers.

Am I suitable?

Just about everybody can have a skin booster treatment, suitability is dependent on the individual’s beauty goals. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are unsuitable.
The ideal candidate will be somebody who wants natural results with the goal to improve their overall skin appearance. It is also an ideal treatment option for someone who is happy to commit to having more than one treatment to achieve the optimal results.
Individuals who are concerned about under eye hollowing/darkness or crepiness would benefit greatly from starting their under eye journey with a course of skinbooster treatments.

What to expect?

Depending on which skinbooster product was used, the post treatment process may differ. Like with any injectable treatment, there is a potential for swelling, bruising and tenderness.
With skinboosters used to the under eyes, swelling is inevitable and often appears as small raised bumps. These lumps will then often merge into one and cause swelling to the entire under eye area. This is normal and will subside on its own as the
product disperses itself and spreads. We do not need to interfere with this process by massaging the area, let the product do its thing! Massaging may prolong the swelling.
The most obvious swelling generally subsides within 24-48 hours but could persist for longer depending on the individual. Results are seen 4 weeks post treatment and the swelling should be resolved by this time


Avoid massaging or rubbing the treated area, let the product settle and disperse itself.
There will be some swelling and tenderness which will subside on its own.
Ideally, you would book to have this treatment when you don’t have an important event coming up in the same week. Avoid wearing makeup or drinking alcohol and exercising for 24 hours post treatment.
Results will be seen 4 weeks post treatment, so you’ll be enjoying your beautiful, hydrated skin in no time.

What will the results look like?

Skin booster results will be natural looking, no matter what area was treated. Friends and family will be telling you you look great and asking what you’ve had done, they wouldn’t be able to pick up that you’ve had an injectable treatment. Your skin will look hydrated and glowy.
You won’t be overfilled, and structurally unchanged, just well hydrated and firmer skin. ]
If you have this treatment to your neck, decolletage or hands, your skin will appear firmer with softened lines, and with certain types of skinbooster you may be very subtly volumised.
Skin booster results to the under eyes give the appearance of a more smooth and less-tired under eye.

What Treatments Go Well with Skinbooster

We recommend fillers, RF microneedling, biostimulator and bioremodellers with skinbooster.

For all skinbooster appointments, please book with our injectors by calling 93315005 or booking online.