Brow and Eye Threadlift

Before and after foxy eye threadlift sydney australia
Before and immediately after brow and eye threadlift at our Sydney clinic. This is during the overcorrected phase. The puckering is normal and will resolve over a couple of days.

Brow and eye thread lifting

A popular procedure at our Sydney clinic, the brow and eye thread lift sets to simultaneously reposition the tail of the brow as well as increase the upwards vector, or tilt, of the outer eyelids (lateral canthus).
Threads should be thought of as the final piece of a patients “brow enigma’.

It should be noted that the best outcomes are a result of a multimodality approach to the region, including optimised:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment (crows feet and chemical brow lift), as well as
  • adequately volumised temple and forehead with appropriate dermal filler.

Most importantly, and as with most minimally invasive procedures, while the final effects are noticable they are also subtle. Those looking for more extreme results should be prepared to undergo repeated thread procedures or indeed consider a more invasive approach with an Oculoplastic surgeon.

How does it work?

The procedure involves the delicate positioning of “long” absorbable “threads”, that are able to grip the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin, and provide pull and lift in the desired direction.

Usually 2 “long” threads are used each side, although more can be used on the day or added at a later date, to increase the dramatise the effect and or increase longevity.

It is usually advisable to add a set of 5 “short” absorbable threads each side, that are laid perpendicularly to the long threads, which can be imagined as anchors that act to increase the solidarity and strength of the lift.

Are the effects seen instantly?

The effect should be instantly noticeable, and moreover, will be most dramatic immediately post-procedure. This “overcorrection” is usually recommended to offset for the resolution of swelling and
the settling of of the tissue over the subsequent recovery week, which invariably leads to a softening of the effect. Concomitantly, it is also usual to notice some “puckering” of the skin for the
first few days, which we allow to settle naturally.

How long does it last?

The threads themselves dissolve naturally over a period of approximately 6-9 months, while stimulating the process of neocollagenesis, whereby they are replaced by stands of collagen by the body which not only continues to provide some lifting power but also contributes to improved
surface skin quality.

Longevity of results is very variable between patients, and ultimately depends upon the adjacent skin and muscle strength, patterns of patient facial expression, and so forth.

Longevity can be enhanced by keeping the surrounding musculature well relaxed with anti wrinkle
injections, maintaining temple volume with fillers, and adding threads at appropriate top up intervals.

How is it performed?

A full consult with one of our Clinicians is an absolute necessity to establish goals and expectations of a brow lift. Optimisation of the “brow complex” with anti-wrinkle treatment and adequate
temporal fossae volume is an advisable pre-requisite.

The thread lift treatment is performed in a
relaxed atmosphere and takes approximately half an hour in total.

Foxy eye threadlift
Foxy eye threadlift

Is it painful?

It is very well tolerated by most patients, with needle insertion sites and cannula tracts anaesthetised first. Nitrous oxide gas is available if required for patient relaxation.

Cost of eye and brow threadlift?

Please view price on our pricing page.

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Foxy eye threadlift
Eye and brow threadlift
Foxy eye threadlift sydney
Eye and brow threadlift sydney
Threadlift at our Sydney clinic
Threadlift at our Sydney clinic
Before and immediately after foxy eye threads
Before and immediately after eye and brow threads. Dimpling above brow will usually resolve within a week or so.