Powder Filler Vs Threadlifts

Threads vs powder filler
Threads vs Powder filler


When we discuss biostimulator or “Powder Filler”  versus thread lifts we are comparing two different treatments with two different end results. However, both resulting in enhancing the beauty of one’s face according to what the injector will suggest the patient needs and what the patient desires to achieve.

Powder Filler Aka Biostimulator

Bioatimulator is a powder acid, made of a similar substance to thread material. It is used to stimulate collagen, restore facial volume when there are areas that are hollow, fill in deep wrinkles and overall rejuvenate the face and skin to promote a youthful appearance. The results are natural looking with a high satisfaction rate and will last up to 2 years. Unlike regular filler, biostimulator or “powder filler” is known for its “collagen stimulating” effects and is a great way to keep up with anti-ageing treatments.

The injector will discuss with you how many injectable treatments you need, however we like to take it slow and steady and with powder filler usually recommend treating the area around 3 times over the course of 6 months to achieve the best results. This is effective and enables us to fine tune results

The nurse will script with a doctor, sharing details of the patients medical history to ensure they are suitable for treatment. This includes the patients allergies, and whether they have had hypertrophic scarring previously and any history of keloid formation. If the patient is in good health and the patient is consented then we are able togo ahead with the treatment.

If the patient is immunocompromisedor there is  from acne, sores or skin rashes we do not recommend having this treatment at the time. If there are any inflammation or infection present, the patient will be advised to come back another time for treatment.

Side effects of biostimulator may include redness, swelling and bruising on the injection site which is fairly normal for most injections. Some pain, tenderness and bleeding are also possible side effects due to injection and breaking down the tissue. A low percentage may see a side effects of lumps which is a nodule that hasn’t been broken down, hence why we massage after treatment and advise patients to keep massaging at home days after treatment to spread the product for maximum effect.

PDO Threadlift
PDO Threadlift

Thread Lifts

To begin with, there are various types of threads that are different in material and length. The most frequently used are PDO mono threads “Collagen stimulating threads”  and PDO cog or “long threads”.

PDO long  threads is what achieves lifting to those wanting that effect , whereas PDO short threads tightens the skin and stimulates collagen in the area that the threads are inserted. Most common areas we perform long thread lifts are the eyebrows to achieve the “fox eye lift”, lifting the jowls nasolabial folds, also lifting the cheeks which may create a contoured look, and pulling the skin back on the lower face to create a sharper jawline. An advanced area we inject the thread in is the nose which can help straighten the nose and lift the tip. The patient will see an instant result, however the results will improve over the next couple of months.

The collagen stimulating threads do not lift, but achieve an excellent skin result.

PDO Cog threads are temporary and usually last about a  year.  Over time the threads will dissolve. Usually a patient that would be recommended this procedure is someone looking for an anti ageing treatment, those over 35 years of age and those who are not looking for surgical results and that want a subtle lift/enhancement. In comparison to a surgical face lift, PDO cog threads have a quick recovery and the patient will be able to return to their daily activities immediately.

In comparison to biostimulator, thread lifts also promotes collagen and aims to achieve a more youthful appearance for the patient by lifting and tightening saggy skin. It stimulates collagen after the thread is inserted in ones face , and the body’s natural healing process is activated. It however does not fill in volume like biostimulator or filler.

We see thread lifts as less invasive and a more conservative treatment to a surgical face lift. It will not give you the same result as a surgical face lift – it is subtle and results vary depending on how many threads you are using. The amount of threads being used on the patient and the placement will be determined by the injector after analysing the face structural needs.

Thread lift risks are uncommon. A feeling of “pulling”, lumpiness or a depressed area at the insertion site, allergic or granulomatous reactions to the thread and infection. Bruising and swelling are very common and may last  a week.

At the manse we offer various options that assist the patient with the experience by minimising the pain. For long thread lifts we offer injected local anaesthetic into the area where the thread will be injected, and we also provide numbing cream before hand and gas for those who want an extra comfort during procedure. If after the procedure the patient feels some soreness and tenderness, which is quite normal, we apply ice to the area and suggest for them to take panadol at home if there is discomfort. It is suggested to sleep on your back, especially for the first couple weeks as the thread is at its peak of the healing process.

For a discussion on which option is best for you, please call 93315005 or book online and talk to your practitioner