FAQs about injectables for TMJ, Masseter Slimming and Bruxism

Before and after face slimming masseters
Before and 8 weeks after 1 treatment of injections in masseters for jawline slimming

What are the injectables for jaw muscles, and why are people getting it ?

Jaw injections are where we inject the muscle relaxing injections into the masseter muscles to relax them and slim them. People are getting masseter injections for 2 main reasons, which are:

Can you please offer a little background about anti-wrinkle injections and other
similar injectables (what they are, how they work)?

-We’ve used antiwrinkle injections for decades now in cosmetic medicine to improve people’s appearance and comfort. We use it for lines, wrinkles, browlifting, muscle slimming, and for excessive sweating.

How exactly does masseter injections specifically work? Please explain from a technical aspect where it’s placed, how it stops the clenching, how long it takes to work/ how long it lasts?T

The produc is injected into the masseter muscles which are at the sides of the lower face and are used to clench the jaw. It’s placed in the strongest part of the muscle and works by stopping the message from the nerve to the muscle which reduces the muscle’s activity. The muscle will then atrophy (ie get slimmer and less powerful).It reaches the maximal effect at around 8 weeks and starts to reduce at around 3-4 months and is ready for retreatment at 4 months.

Is the procedure the same as other anti-wrinkle injections? Do you
need a higher dosage because it’s a larger muscle?I

In general, the slimming treatments require a higher dose than the antiwrinkle treatments. Dose is related to the size of the muscle and the amount of slimming that’s desired.

Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

Aesthetically, the ideal candidate is someone who has a square face or who has a lower third of their face that they want to make slimmer. Or those patients who would like a more feminine face. It’s  also useful in those with Bruxism.

Does it work on everyone with TMD/ TMJ? Why/ not?

It may not work on everyone for a variety of reasons. Bruxism and TMJ can occur together or independently. Muscle relaxing injection can only relax and slim the jaw muscles. It may not work because there may be other underlying factors causing or contributing to TMJ that need to be addressed. Dosage is also an important factor in how successful the treatment is.

What are the benefits of having the treatment

Pain associated with clenching can be improved. Jaw slimming is another benefit for those who want that v-shaped or heart shaped aesthetic.

How often do you need to “top up” this treatment?

Every 4 months is typical for retreatment for masseter injections.

Any tips for beginners/ those who are injectables-shy?

It’s good to take medical procedures seriously. With this procedure, the satisfaction rate is really high and the risks are low. The risks include bruising, loss of extreme smile or asymmetrical smile, but they are uncommon.For those patients concerned about the pain of injections, it is a very quick procedure with minimal pain.