Sun Damage Removal

There are several methods available to remove sun damage, it really depends on which part of the sun damage is the most important to remove

IPL / BBL for sun damage (pigmentation) :

This treatment will improve the colour- related sun damage. It will improve freckles and solar lentigos. It will also (at the powers that we use) improve the texture of the skin.

Laser / BBL for redness related to sun damage:

Many patients with lighter skin tones (Fitzpatrick I to II) will get redness and capillaries as their form of sun damage. Minimum of 3 treatments will be required, 3 weeks apart.

Fractional laser

Fractional laser ablates narrow channels into the skin covering only a fraction of the surface area of the treatment site. This action activates the body’s wound healing mechanisms, but leaves the surrounding skin intact, so that rapid healing is possible.

The fractional laser creates clean micro ablated channels in the skin, this causes fibroblast and collagen production. This leads to increased skin turgor and thickness.

Fractional laser will give improved texture to the skin and may improve skin affected with actinic keratoses

Microlaser Peel / full field laser resurfacing

Microlaser peel is a type of facial resurfacing procedure using a Sciton Profile Erbium Laser. The procedure involves between 1 and 2 passes of the laser on the face. The laser is set to ablate 10, 20 or 30 microns of skin during the procedure. The skin is ablated by the laser and is replaced by new skin causing collagen regeneration, and skin textural improvement.

This laser can only be used on the face

Skin Boosters

Over time, levels of the naturally occurring substance responsible for maintaining skin hydration, reduce (***)

There  is a moisture binding substance in the skin, giving the skin firmness, plumpness and elasticity. It helps prevent lines wrinkles and fold forming. Moisturising the surface of the skin with creams cannot replace this internal loss which is occuring over time.

The solution is to restore the skins natural hydration where the loss is occurring.

Skin boosters rejuvenate the skin from the inside, they restores the skins hydrobalance, improve the elasticity and skin structure, creating a youthful luster and glow

Biostimulating dermal fillers

This catergory of dermal filler works by stimulating the body to produce collagen

There are 3 types of biostimulators approved in Australia Biostimulator RD, biostimulator S and biostimulator E. We are not allowed to name the products due to Australian regulations

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that uses the patient’s own blood to biostimulate skin cells.

Injection of PRP into the dermis supports  and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration and reconstruction.

PRP activates the regeneration of the skin by:

The activated platelets release growth factors causing:

Stimulation of new collagen production

Induction of stem cell division and differentiation

Stimulating angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels in the skin

Removing Actinic Keratoses

Actinic keratoses can be removed by liquid nitrogen, ablative laser, PDT, or topical agents

*** We have been reported for writing this substance’s name, even though it is naturally occurring in the body,  and the TGA will not allow us to use it online

Before treatment with BBL / IPL
After 2 treatments of IPL / BBL for sun damage

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