Before and After Dermal Filler to Lips and Cheeks

Before and after cheek and lip and volumising dermal filler to face


restylane perlane juvederm dermal filler to cheeks and lips Before and After dermal filler to cheeks and lips and nasolabial folds

Here is a patient who has a facial structure that has aged well. Her bone structure is excellent, but we can still improve on it!

Her skin is that of a typical Australian who has enjoyed our sun too much:)

We have performed a combination of treatments.

We performed 4 mls of dermal filler in her face.

She also had BBL to treat the sun damage on her face.

She loves the natural look, so we hit her gently in the areas that are affected by age (although everywhere is really!).

With her lips, we performed a very subtle anti-aging treatment rather than aiming to give her large lips. Although, I think she should go bigger:)

We lifted the cheeks, filled some depressions, like the nasolabial folds and the smile lines at the cheeks, and the marionettes

Overall, the look is just more soft and pretty!

Thanks to the patient for sharing her result!

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