Reduce Smile Lines Around Mouth with Dermal Filler

Before and after treatment with dermal filler to reduce lines around mouth, including accordion lines nasolabial folds and marionettes

Reduce Smile Lines Around Mouth with Dermal Filler

It is important, especially from a preventative point of view, to reduce the smile lines around mouth. These lines which occur on smiling and are more vertical, in the lower cheek area, are sometimes called “accordion lines”. The best treatment to reduce these lines is dermal filler. These lines are adjacent further outward on the face than the nasolabial folds, the lines from the nose down to the corners of the mouth. These nasolabial folds should also be treated with dermal filler.

Why is it important?

Treating the accordion lines in the lower face is vital at an early age, the reason is that once these lines become moderate to severely etched, they become very difficult to treat.

The problem with these lines are that they are coming from so many different areas. They are affected by midface and lower face bone and soft tissue loss with ageing, and they are also affected by skin ageing from multiple causes and from the repeated smiling expression on our faces.

What can we do to prevent these lines forming?

  • Antiageing face creams topically e.g. tretinoin, AHA etc
  • Volumising treatments with dermal filler
  • Skinboosters injected in the area
  • Dermal Filler injected under the wrinkles
  • Regular laser treatments

What if they are already etched in?

The above preventative treatments should be performed urgently, as they are only going to get worse, which gets more difficult as time goes by.

What dermal filler technique is used?

For the volumising, an injector can take their pick, as long as they get enough product in. The volumising has to occur in the mid and lower face in the areas of bone and soft tissue loss. The amount used is going to depend on how much volume loss has occurred, also a patient’s budget (as a lot of mls are generally required)

For the injecting down the dynamic lines themselves, I use a combination of fern technique and also just getting the filler directly into the lines to lift them along their whole length, done really old school, like we did in the days of Collagen.

Cost of the treatment?

If volumising is required, then this is going to be the expensive bit.

If skin boosters are used (which I highly recommend for prevention!) usually at least 1-2 mls will be required. Please see prices per ml

If dermal filler is used for injecting down the lines themselves, 1 ml can go a long way with the fern technique. Please see prices per ml

accordion lines
Before and after accordion lines dermal fillers

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