Dermal Fillers for girl in her 20s: Before and After

Before and after dermal filler and injectables for a 20-something

Here is a very beautiful 20-something girl. Dermal fillers for girl in her 20s is very popular in our Sydney clinic.

This patient is quite lean in general and has low facial volume associated with this.

She came to me and her requests were (as usual!) to look younger and more beautiful. She also wanted to improve on  her facial volume

For her treatment I performed the following:


Anti wrinkle injections for:

Crows feet

Brow lift

Frown lines


Dermal Filler:

4 mls in total to:

Cheeks and lower cheeks

Extension of tear trough

Nasolabial folds

Lip corners

Lower third of face

Thanks to the patient for sharing her result. Readers appreciate it:)

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