What Lip Filler Shape Should I Get?

Lip Filler shapes
Lip Filler shapes

Lip filler is a go-to trending dermal filler treatment for individuals of all ages looking for volume, restoration and hydration in their lips. As we age, we naturally lose collagen and fat on our face – this includes our lips. Our lips are a significant part of what captivates others when we talk, laugh or show emotion and expression.

By nature, the everyday human will judge someone  based on their lip size and texture unintentionally. For example, downturned lips may look sad and ageing, dry and cracked lips may look dehydrated or indicate illness or plumped lips may indicate health, hydration and self care. Looking after your lips, as you age especially, will promote a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. All lip shapes are beautiful and unique in their own way, however there are particular shapes that improve the facial aesthetic of the patient overall and particularly give a more prettier appearance to the lower third region.


Lip Filler Shapes


The classic style of lip filler is the traditional, popular choice for most people. It gives a subtle lip enhancement and is great for those who are looking for a natural result with easy maintenance. This style usually has a rounded outer corner, with a pointier tip and both the top and bottom lip is balanced from the centre to the corners. This type of lip augmentation works well for most individuals.


he full style is the next step up from classic! It is great for those who still love the shape of their natural lips but would like to just enhance the size. This style gives the lips a more “pillowy” or “puffier” aesthetic, with a less defined cupid’s bow. It is described as having a more rounded appearance on the top lip, opposing a heart shaped M top lip. 


The Cupid Bow lip style is a great shape that promotes a more youthfulness, rejuvenated appearance as those who are younger will prominently have that cupid bow formation already. For those young patients, this style will enhance their already prominent cupid bow. This style includes a top lip that has a defined dip in the middle, between the peaks. The bottom lip is either proportional to the top or slightly bigger. This technique will add natural volume to the lips and give a beautiful, full aesthetic.


The Rubina style, also known as the “goddess lips” is a favourite for those who would like it to be noticeable that they have bigger lips! This head turner lip shape is great for those who would like fuller plump lips without looking overtreated and “ducky”. It includes the full expression of the five natural places that are in the lips. The rubina lips are particularly suited for those that have enough length on their face from the bottom of the nose to the chin – this will make results visually aesthetic.


 The Pearl Style or Pearlique is great for those wanting to enhance the lips creating a more youthful, volumized and pouty appearance. It emphasizes the lower lip and particularly focuses on the two tear drops that form from this technique, creating “pearls” or “teardrops” on either side. As this type of lip augmentation focuses mainly on the bottom lip, it can be used in combination with other lip styles.


The Angel or Angelic style focuses on the full expression of the upper lip. This style of lip augmentation involves directing the dermal filler on the top lip’s lateral borders, mainly centrally, with minimal enhancements to the bottom lip. Aesthetically it will create angel wing visuals on either side of the top lip for those with volume in their lips combined with a narrow lip length.


The Hollywood lip style is perfect for those who would love to attract attention to their new plumped lips without the top and bottom lip appearing too “showy”. It is quite popular in the movie and music industry with celebrities rocking this style as it emphasizes all the three forms of the top lip, which includes the two tampering rhomboid shapes and the cupid’s bow (“or half bucket”) central of the top lip. As this lip augmentation style will extend and curl the top lip with less change in the lower lip. With this technique a symmetrical balanced result will be achieved.

Lip Anatomy

It’s great to know which area of your lips you would like to change! There is no harm in learning about your lip anatomy before attending the consultation with your clinician to correctly describe what lip filler outcome you are after. For example, some may want their bottom lip filled in more than the top with dermal filler or some may want a cupid’s bow, whereas some may not want that. Understanding lip anatomy terminology will help the injector understand what shape you would like your lips injected.

Bring Photos!


When in doubt on expressing what lip filler shape you desire, bring a photo of your inspired lip shape style. This will keep you and the injector on the same page and will open discussion to set realistic expectations of outcomes. It is important to understand that your lip structure can never be changed completely and that your own shape will be enhanced along with tweaks in your shape, size and proportions.