Natural Result Dermal Filler in Lips

Before and after natural result dermal filler lips

I get so sick of hearing from people that lips always look unnatural when they are injected with dermal filler.

Mostly, they don’t. If the patient wants to go all plastic positive, then that is fine, and they are welcome to their OTT look.

However if someone want their lips to look natural, then that is what they are going to get.

There’s no need to think that a doctor wants to turn their patients into a cosmetic caricature against their will. That would not make sense, but it is a common fear that I hear with newcomers. They all say to me so many times “I want to look natural”

So I found a great example of this:

Here is a case where we injected some dermal filler for an anti-aging lip result. Nothing outrageous, nothing that friends or relatives can even put their finger on, Just a pretty, little improvement. A touch in the border, getting rid of that age associated flatness that starts to occur, a good amount in the corners to open the lips out again and remove that older look. It’s all about changing some angles and recreating young curves:)

It’s all about the details. They add up to the big picture of beauty….

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