Skinbooster FAQs

Skinbooster FAQs
Skinbooster FAQs

Your most frequently asked questions about Skinboosters

What is the Skinbooster Treatment?

As the name suggests, “Skinbooster” is a treatment that boosts the skin. 

More specifically, it is the placement of skin nutrients and collagen stimulators ‘into’ the skin. Due to the tiny injections into the skin, it has more value in the delivery mechanism as compared to applying similar products topically and hoping for a good absorption. Skinboosters are an injectable treatment.

How does the skin booster treatment work?

Skinboosters are a product type coming out of years of evidence based research. One of the skinboosters we use at our Sydney clinics contains a combination of nutrients, vitamins and essential ingredients needed for improvement in skin elasticity and luminosity. It works by giving hydration initially and then stimulating one’s own collagen. It is a skin treatment and can be used in areas where the quality of the skin has to be addressed. Main areas include and are not limited to, under and around the eyes, around the mouth, neck lines, back of hands. It also is perfect adjuvant for a full face skin needling or RF microneedling.

Who can benefit from it?

Anyone looking for improving the skin elasticity, address large pores, reduction in fine lines, appearance of wrinkles, correction of skin affected by sun damage or smoking can benefit from skinboosters. It works at various levels of the skin. It enhances the radiance and hydration in the superficial layer of the skin. Working at the middle level, it reduces wrinkles. The collagen production is stimulated by its effects in the deeper layer of the skin.

How many treatments are needed?

Ideally, three sessions are required spaced at 4 weeks interval. Based on individual response, some patients see marked improvement after the second session. 

Is the Skinbooster a type of filler?

I like to call it a non-structural physiological filler as its effect is based on stimulation of one’s own skin elasticity mechanism along with attracting water and making the skin plump. Unlike the commonly understood filler it does not give volume. Hence it is not an alternative to volumizing fillers.

Can it address Hollowness under the eyes?

The volume loss under the eyes has to be addressed with volume replacement. That may include the commonly understood tear trough filler treatment. However, adding a skin booster treatment to the skin under the eyes improves the quality of the skin and the well volumized area is complimented by a luminous hydrated skin. 

Is it a treatment for dark circles under the eyes?

The “brightening skinbooster” that we use at our Sydney clinics is definitely one of the main treatments to improve the dark circles under the eyes. Due to its nourishing properties and the hydrating plump effect, it thickens and stretches the skin to make it look brighter and healthy. This plays a major role in improving the fine lines due to skin thinning. However, treating the dark circles under the eyes, we must take into consideration the volume loss and increased pigmentation that may be present based on individual patients. 

Can you combine the skin booster with other treatments?

Although the skin booster itself is a cocktail of the best skin nourishing ingredients available, but I sometimes like to combine it with the patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma. This indeed makes it a ‘Turbo Skin Booster’. This is based on the individual’s skin condition, treatment goals and the budget of the patient. 

Skinbooster can be used as part of the cocktail in the Aquagold treatment.

Skinbooster works well as an adjunct to all laser and energy based device treatments, especially RF microneedling, IPL and laser genesis.

Is there any downtime involved?

There is some swelling from the product immediately after the treatment. It goes down in the next 24-48 hours or earlier as the product incorporates into the skin. Mild bruising may be a possibility that can be covered with concealing cosmetics. I always have a detailed discussion about the aftercare and what to expect with our patients. 

What areas do you treat the most with a Skinbooster?

The most popular areas treated with the skin booster and with the highest satisfaction rate are under the eyes, neck skin, chest lines, cheek lines, lines around the mouth and sleep lines caused by the sleeping position of the patient. Having said that the skin booster can make the skin look healthy when injected appropriately anywhere in the skin.

How much does one treatment cost?

The cost of the skin booster treatment can be found on our pricing page

How often should I have skinbooster treatment for maintenance?

The skinbooster will last 6-9 months, and patients, after their initial treatment series, are encouraged to have a top-up treatment every 6-12 months as a minimum. However, some choose to have it more frequently.

skinbooster for dark circles
Before and after skinbooster and tear trough fillers for dark circles and under eye wrinkles