Dermal Filler Chin

Dermal filler injections for the chin, is a popular treatment at our Sydney clinic. When the chin is underdeveloped, beauty is compromised, but this is easily rectified by a simple treatment with dermal filler.


The Treatment

Before the treatment, the patient will be assessed by the doctor, a history taken and an examination of the patient’s face. The treatment can be performed on the same day as the consultation if the patient prefers.

Photos will be taken and a consent form filled out by the patient. The area will then be cleaned and then the dermal filler will be injected. Most of the time at least 1-2 mls will be injected into the chin for the first treatment. Although this will depend on the patient’s anatomy and desired result and also their budget.

Often what is a great way to proceed with chin injections, so that the patient can see the results as the doctor is injecting, is after every 1ml of dermal filler is injected, the patient can take a mirror and review the results and decide if further filler is required to achieve the outcome that they desire.


Dermal Filler Chin FAQs

  • Is the treatment painful?

The chin filler treatment is one of the most painless treatments that we perform. Topical anaesthetic may be applied beforehand, but this is rarely needed, as the product contains local anaesthetic. However, especially when multiple mls are used, the pain that occurs later, after the anaesthetic wears off is quite noticeable and can interfere with the patient having a good night’s sleep the first night after the procedure.

  • Will I like the results?

The chin dermal filler procedure is one of the procedures with the highest satisfaction rate in our clinic. As discussed above, after every 1ml has been injected, the patient should be shown the results so that the result is really fine tuned to their expectations. Obviously the doctor can give their opinion and input on the aesthetics, but it’s really helpful to involve the patient.

  • What is the cost?

The product typically used starts from $720 per ml, so it will be a multiple of that. Two mls per treatment is a typical amount used. Then the patient can review the results at 4 weeks and then come back if they would like to go bigger

  • Is it very noticeable?

Often with lower third injecting, it is rare for others to notice. If 1ml of filler is used, the before and after profile photo will be very subtle, with 2mls, the result becomes more obvious in the image, but in real life, it would be very uncommon for anyone in the patients life to notice.

  • Will I look more masculine?

Only if you want to LOL. We will create a shape that is in keeping with your aims.

  • What are the risks?

The main ones are swelling and bruising. Bruising can be quite common in this area. A rare risk is of infection

  • Can I do the procedure and go straight back to work

Yes. No makeup can be worn for 4 hours after the procedure

  • How long does the filler last?

With our most popular filler, we would recommend that the patient returns for further injections at 6 months then 6 months, then once per year

Case Study

Before and after dermal filler injections to chin

Getting the shape and projection of the chin to a perfect level is so important for the following reasons

  1. So that it looks balanced and in harmony with the other areas of the face including the lips and the nose
  2. To help with the appearance of lower third of the face ageing, which includes jowl formation, and the dissolving of the jawline
  3. To help with the appearance of the neck

In this case of a 31 year old girl, all of the points above are important but in this before and after, I find the improvement in the appearance of the neck one of the most interesting features.

In this case we injected:

2.5 mls to chin area including marionettes and pre jowl sulcus

0.5 mls to lips

0.7 mls to front cheeks

0.3 mls to tear troughs

Interestingly the first thing that she said when I handed her the mirror after the treatment was “I look thinner”, and then “finally my round face has gone”. We have been working on slimming her masseters over the last few years, because she has always hated her round face, and this was the icing on the cake for her. Profile-wise, she just looks younger and more perfect:)

Here is the text message she sent me the day after the treatment

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