Treatment for Bruxism

Bruxism injections for masseters
Bruxism injections for masseters


Our clinic performs the injectable treatment of bruxism. Bruxism is excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Bruxism is a common problem, affecting 8-30% of the normal population.

Injectable treatment for bruxism

Our clinic performs  masseter muscle injections. These injections can give relief to the patients who are suffering the effects of bruxism. Often those with severe bruxism will have overdeveloped masseter muscles, giving them a more square shaped face, interfering with the more aesthetically pleasing gentle curve of the jawline. The treatment may help with the masseter enlargement and also with the pain and discomfort associated with excessive jaw clenching. All teeth associated issues are referred to a dentist

The Treatment

The patient will attend a consultation, where a history is taken and the masseters and face are examined. Photos of many previous cases may be shown to the patient to get a feeling about their aesthetic goals, and the level of jawline slimming that they would be comfortable with. A consent form is signed, and then photos taken. The injections are not very painful and over in minutes. The patient will then make a second appointment for a review at 8 weeks, where results are assessed.

Cost of injections

There is a very wide range for the cost of injections to slim masseters, as it depends on the size of the masseters, and the amount of slimming that is required by the patient. The range of costs is typically from $390-$1150. The most common spend is $830, when we are still aiming for shrinking of the muscle. Maintenance doses after 1-2 years of treatment may be reduced Case Study Here is a pretty 20 something girl with obvious Bruxism and a typical history of pain and many attempts at non-injectable management. This patients symmetry is an aesthetic issue. Often the most affected side is also more painful. Our plan was to aim to make her jawline less square and also more symmetrical. Here is her before and after image after treatment with injections for bruxism

Before and after treatment for bruxism

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