Dermal Filler Lips Natural Looking

Dermal Filler Lips for a Natural Look

We specialise in keeping results looking subtle for those who choose the natural look. Try a small dose of dermal filler for antiaging for your lips. No going overboard with a trout pout for those who don’t like to much change.

The best way to go really subtle is to choose a half a ml

Case Study

Here is a case study of a patient who didn’t want her partner to know that she had her lips injected.

We injected 0.6 mls in total, 0.4mls to upper and 0.2mls to the lower lip. She got an improvement in proportion and a younger and subtly sexier pout.

Before and after dermal filler half ml
Before and after dermal filler lips subtle
Before and after dermal filler lips natural result

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